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1 Appliance, Does All

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Learn Why With Tips & Tricks

Many websites are trying to point out the good benefits of why you should purchase Sous Vide Supreme kitchen tool and there are thousands of reasons with thousands of capabilities that this thing can do and if we don’t look at the rational side like getting free copy of easy sous vide cookbook, or ability to use sous vide supreme coupon code to receive better discount.  We have 10 major reasons in short that can help you decide quicker whether to buy it through online.  With all of the benefits sous vide cooking offers, it is a must-have kitchen gadget for the passionate home cook and foodie

  1. It is an incredible, perfectly cooked food – all food comes out looks delicious and taste great
  2. Simple and Consistent – with one appliance, you can practically do it all
  3. Healthier, more nutritious food from the cookbook and because sous Vide can do all
  4. It’s a lean, green machine – the machine uses very little power in the household
  5. Money Saver – Cheap meat can also be cooked in Sous Vide and turn it to great meat!
  6. Lesser stuff to clean – When there’s only one machine to cook, then, there are lesser plates, bowls, pots, and lesser stuff to clean
  7. Quick Cooking – Take the meat, beef, fishes, and others from the fridge and Sous Vide will warm it up just a few minute
  8. Cut cooking hassles – It really makes cooking become easier, trust us!
  9. You look professional – When cooking like the pro, use the stuff like a pro, then, you would become pros yourselves.  Impress the neighbor, and people visiting your house with only one machine
  10. Create more cooking creativity – When you have the machine that can cook millions of foods, then you won’t be able to stop your imagination and creativity

Keeping Things in Shape

sous vide keeping things in shape

Although sous vide cooking can bring out the best in the taste and textures of foods, when dealing with softer, more delicate proteins—fresh salmon, burgers, and roulades come to mind—the pressure of vacuum sealing, important to successful water oven cooking, can sometimes deform the shape or the seam of the pouch can imprint itself on the surface of the food.

Since we’d like our food to look as good as it tastes, here are some tips to help keep things looking great under pressure:

Center the food in the pouch, keeping it away from the side and bottom creases. Use only as much suction or vacuum pressure as is absolutely necessary.

Force the seal. If your vacuum sealer has an Instant Seal or Seal Only button, as soon as the pouch collapses around the food, use the Seal button to force the seal and interrupt further suction. If your vacuum sealer has a speed control or moist/dry setting, use the low speed and the moist setting to limit the power of the suction.

Lightly freeze the food, such as burgers, for a short time before vacuum sealing to help maintain the shape. Roll cylindrical food, such as roulades, in a length of microwave safe plastic wrap (cling film) and twist the ends tightly before vacuum sealing to help keep the shape. Lay fresh herbs and lemon slices on the under side of the food when vacuum sealing to keep the presentation side pristine and perfect.

Taste of Summer

sousvide fried chicken technique

Fresh Sous Vide Halibut – When the summer sun heats things up, our tastes turn to lighter meals to keep us cool. What could beat this flavorful light supper of Halibut with Citrus Beurre Blanc from staff blogger, Madeline. Paired with garden greens, fresh vegetables, and a crisp white wine, it makes for a summer supper that’s totally divine.

Sous Vide Fried Chicken – When fried chicken is cooked right, there is nothing quite like it. The difficulty with cooking fried chicken is that too often it is overcooked and greasy, in an effort to ensure the chicken is fully cooked. The whole dish suffers. Pre-cooking chicken with the SousVide Supreme then adding the crispy coating will change all that

Sous Vide Créme Brûlée Ice Cream – If you’re planning to gather for a day of family fun, food, and fireworks to salute the red, white, and blue, what could top off the feast better than everybody’s summer favorite, ice cream? For something a little different (and a lot decadent) try this recipe for Crème Brulee Ice Cream from staff blogger, Sophie. Sweet, rich, creamy and topped with an incredible brulee shard for crunch!

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