2 Free Phone at Sprint December 2012

Get Them Free with New Service Line

Phone: Kyocera Rise + Optimus Elite
Price: $249.99
Carrier: Sprint
Promotion: Discount + Free Shipping
Review: Good Rating from Cnet

We have seen many cross promotions from year to year and there’s just one from sprint.com today. During the end of the year, people tend to switch their phone from their old ones and upgrade them to a better one and this is usually as gift for themselves. People would usually switch their service and phone plan for a better one and that might be because they have learnt something based on their phone usage, minutes spent, data transfer, and other factors such as discount on billing. Now, it is the case that everyone would usually change their line of service and phone and it is about time to get excited from Sprint promotion.

Sprint.com is excited to offer the LG Optimus Elite and Kyocera Rise for FREE with a new line of service, plus free shipping. This gift is no kid matters because looking at LG Optimus Elite Smartphone from Sprint, the price is not low but the original price of this phone at sprint is over $200 but it is given for free with the new line of service alone. Talking about and looking back at Kyocera Rise phone at sprint.com, the phone price is also the same level as LG Optimus Elite which is over $200. Even though Kyocera Rise used to be offered for the customers at $19.99 but now, it is absolutely free with of course the new line of service too. This great promotion from Sprint.com, customers do not need to seek out and find the latest workable Sprint Promo Code or any special codes to activate discount in the shopping cart, but they can just visit Sprint.com today and receive this great deal as the gift for Christmas and New Year season right away. We have to point out a bit that this promotion will stay alive until January 13th, 2012.

Don’t just stick to only branded phone like Apple iPhone and those big brands like Samsung because you would never know how powerful LG and Kyocera brands are. Starting with LG of which we used to review this phone for quite sometimes, it is absolutely a powerful and lovely that comes with key features such as the slim touch screen form factor on the 3.5 HVGA display. The phone doesn’t need a higher android version to operate and thus we can see it with Android 2.3 operating system. The best thing about LG Optimus Elite is the call quality and of course the multimedia which is the camera. Even though this Smartphone has been released for a while but the camera quality is at 5.0 megapixel which is enough to take good picture and to record great quality videos. Coming to Kyocera Rise, if you would love to change the phone to a newer version of operating system or you hate the slower system, then, Kyocera Rise is good for you because it is powered by Android 4.0 on the 3.5 inches touch screen which is big enough to play games, chats, and browse the websites. Kyocera Rise comes with lower quality camera when comparing with LG Optimus Elite.

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