2 Ways to Save on New Pool Pump

Calculator + Coupons: These Could Help!

Spring is upon us, and it’s time to repair the ravages of winter. Like most people, the customers often wait till the very last minute to make necessary repairs to their pool. Things like water pumps, filters, and heat pumps need to be replaced. After months of exposure and neglect most customers turn their pools on only to hear a sputter and a whimper as these crucial systems give out their last breath.  This is a critical topic for household that has swimming pool in their house and because they need to try to get everything ready before the summer season arrives.  Read more in this article or visit the article “Save Money on Your Pool” to find out more.

new intelliflo calculator

Since customers are just now turning on their pools to find their old systems damaged, this is usually the time when most customers upgrade. To this end, we have published articles about how to open your pool, and how to save money throughout the year. Just like other appliances, pool pumps and filtration systems get more and more efficient each year, and products like variable speed pumps are starting to qualify for EnergyStar ratings! This means that customers can save money on their utilities and receive money saving rebates from their utility companies.

Ways to do this

PoolSupplyworld.com has developed a calculator to help customers estimate how much they can save with a new variable speed pump. This doesn’t include any rebates local utility companies may provide! In my hometown for example, I qualify for an additional $200 credit on my utility bills just for purchasing a pump like the Pentair Intelliflo; these rebates are in addition to the thousands of dollars I could be saving thanks to my new energy efficient pump! Customers need to know that using the new calculator can help them to save up to $1,500 per year on anew pump.

Another way is to start using pool supply world mention code or coupon code and so customers can shop for any pool supply at poolsupplyworld.com and use the new coupon code to activate more discount in the shopping cart. This new code can help to take $15 off on any order over $200. However, at this time poolsupplyworld.com did not mention anything about the free shipping promotions.

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