2 Websites For Free Nights Beach Vacations

Not So Hard to See, Stay Longer For Same Budget

beach on the budget

The beach on a budget is now “Turned On”, the previous vacations have now passed, people are looking for their next annual leaves and thus plan for their next trip with everyone’s best swimsuit ever. However, the problem is, since the last vacation budget has been all spent out because of the New Year season. Travelers are now more careful to look for the budget travel for flights, hotels, and meals. We see the important of this matter because traveling twice in a year for beach vacation can be really pain in the butt, a person can work their butt off to be able to afford their next trip but what they get later is just a few nights to stay and it seems not to be worth traveling with long distance with only a couple days to get sun bath. How about having said that there are 2 websites that we can recommend to help everyone to get free nights, free credits, and probably obtained extra savings? Of course, these information are all in here.

The Free Nights

The free nights promotions are currently very difficult to find, but when you can actually find the right online agent, you can get free nights eventually. The free nights means that, the traveler who wants to take vacation right on the spot can pay for the fewer nights but they can actually gain more nights instead of the same numbers. Today, we have cheapcaribbean.com as the first website. At Cheapcaribbean.com, there is a promotion running called “More Beach for Your Bucks” allowing customers to save 70% off on their all inclusive travel deal such as Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort for 4 nights with air for $459 each. Looking at the price of $459 for example, we don’t really think that with that amount of cash, anyone can stay in Sheraton resort with flight for 4 nights and thus we believe that the number of nights should be lower than this.

sandals free nights promotion

Looking at another travel agent website, Sandals.com or Sandals.co.uk, there’s nothing to guess about how many nights the customers can get for free. Because sandals has stated clearly in the package such as 1 Free Night at Sandals Emerald Bay for only $555, 1 Free Night at Bahamian, another one at Sandals White House and more.

Free Credit

For free credits, it means that once customers book the vacations, they will get instant credit that can be used to receive discount from the resort or hotel service. In this case, the only website offering free credit is Sandals.co.uk and sandals.com which is not Cheapcaribbean.com. However, for cheapcaribbean.com’s customers, they will be able to get free meals and other associated promotions along the way.

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