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Special Trip After Grad Party: Anyone?

go city cards ideas after grad day

Many people have read in so many websites about the Grad day tips and tricks and how not to get so messy during and throughout the day. However, we can see no other websites giving tips about what to do after Graduation Day? Of course 90% of grads would group up together and join some awesome party with some friend’s house on and on until they all can’t. But there might be some other group that don’t usually hang out that much and they probably would like to enjoy their stay in town over a few weeks because they might be moving back to their home town. That’s why we have some ideas of what to do right after the graduation day.

Enjoy Nice Breeze of the City Tour

This might sound a bit lame, but many people are still loving sightseeing tour in the big city such as New York Sightseeing, Boston Tour, Restaurant Tour, Cruising, and even hop on hop off tour. This could be a great idea for grads to go along with their friends and especially with international friends who have just graduated and they are about to leave the country very soon. Grads will be entertained with chilling warm weather (pretty much better than sitting at home with beer). Take your international friends to this trip with joy and they will love it. Now, many grads might disagree with this idea and would say partying in some friend’s house could be much better, however, we would say they won’t be partying in the same place for all the week long and so, go out and get some sunlight with the sightseeing trip as the idea for things to do after grad day.

Promotion That Helps The Tour

Now, for grads, they don’t have that much huge budget to do all city tour visiting many attractions for a week with daily expenses. That’s why we have recommendations for grads to get the Go Card for each city they’re visiting. Whether they want to do city tour in New York, Boston, Miami, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and maybe Oahu in Hawaii, they can always visit Smartdestinations.com to purchase the go city card, go select custom card, and more to save over 50% off on the attractions that they are visiting. In addition to this, Smart Destinations is also having and running a 20% off promotion and with an additonal 20% OFF our most popular attraction passes during the Farewell to Spring Sale from Smart Destinations! Furthermore, Grads can save over 45% on all NYC attractions by purchasing only one card each person.

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