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Real Estate agents have a very busy job, keeping up with property listings, taking interested buyers on tours, updating files, marketing their services, giving presentations, and the list goes on! PrintPlace.com offers multiple printing solutions that can be personalized to meet any agent’s marketing needs through these 3 effective printing options to help organization continue year-round when it matters the most.

  1. Catalog printing: Keep appealing promotional materials close by to show clients and prospective buyers by having a stack of catalogs in the office, in the car, or even at home. Catalogs are an effective way to save your time and your client’s time by showcasing a clean design that helps narrow down selections through a clearly organized layout. List key features, multiple pictures of the properties, pricing information, location, and contact information. Save time and generate more sales.
  2. Presentation folder printing: For keeping papers organized on-the-go, in the office, or handing out to potential buyers, presentation folders are an excellent opportunity to put your name and company logo in the forefront of your customer’s eyes. With a professional look and feel, presentation folders can be designed with a logo on the front with highlight pictures, business card or DVD/CD slits, pockets, and more all in full color to become an effective marketing tool.
  3. Business card printing: Networking with other agents and staying in contact with potential buyers is a must for any real estate agent. Business cards are an effective way to keep your networking at full speed no matter where you are, and to give the right first impression ensuring returning business relationships. Include in the layout main contact numbers, office location, website, your picture, or even showcase a hard-selling property on one side of the card to gain more exposure for the property ? it can serve as a good talking point.

Without these 3 effective printing strategy coming from printplace.com, Realtor or real estate agent will usually lose their unnecessary printing budget very easily and it is the way the money is pour out of the pocket. Because the real estate agent won’t usually have their salary or very low with surrounding expenses all the way long. The best way to survive is to reduce cost but to maintain the effectiveness when dealing with the customers and property owners. Not only the 3 effective printing method above that printplace.com can offer along with the tips and tricks such as ways to generate company awareness, printing top quality sales sheet and etc., but the company is having extremely low printing cost to offer specially for the real estate agent and plus, the Printplace is also offering the highest value coupon code to be used at printplace.com and get free shipping promotion every time placing the order with the company today.

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