3 New Bowflex Promotions for 2013

Save Over $300 and Get Free Stuff

It is the season of work out and it is winter season. Many might be confused and argue that winter season is not the season for workout but we believe it is. There are 2 reasons for this. The first reason is that when a person has nothing to do, no activities because of the snow and the pile up of the snow man outside of the house, then, it is their best time to move their body a little and have something to do in their home with especially working out. Many people stuck in the house because they don’t want to face freezing cold weather and they want to only tuck themselves into the warm blanket and heated bed and that’s why working out should be really important in this case. Another reason is that, today, we have 3 interesting promotions from Bowflex.com that will help you to jump up and take a look because they all are free shipping promotion from Bowflex, the discount promotion for specific order, and the discount specifically for TreadClimber TC10, one of the most popular tread climber series from Bowflex.com today. Now, we would like to talk about these promotions in details:

tread climber special promotion at bowflex

$300 OFF TC10 or TC20 – If you could remember, the TC5, TC10, and TC20 tread climber from Bowflex.com is ones of the best in the workout and exercise industry at this moment because they are firstly inexpensive and effective. Today, Bowflex would like everyone to save even more by buying one of TC10 or TC20 and get extra discount of $300 and get instant free shipping with free mat. Now, looking at the normal price of the TC10 and TC20, TC10 usually starts at $2,599 but with the new promo, the price goes down to $2,199. TC20 price is the highest with the list price of $3,999 with special price for $300 less at $3,299.

New Bowflex coupon code – It has just arrived us today with the newest promotion or promo codes from Bowflex.com. At this time, it is specifically for tread climber machine that customers can save another $100 on TC in any series , the bowflex gym, a classic debuts, the complete home gym, and even 8 week DVD series. The extra $100 can be obtained by using the new Bowflex Promotional Code. Customers can get their saving in steps such as spend over $200 to get $25 off, Spend $350 to get $50 off, and spend over $500 to get $100 discount.

Free Shipping and Free Mat – Ok, you don’t want any of those promotions from Bowflex, then, another way to save and get free stuff in purchasing bowflex products is to get free shipping promotions by using coupon code. Bowflex is having another option for customers to save which is to use free shipping coupon code. Not only free shipping that they are going to get but they can also receive free exercise mat as well!

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