3 ZAGG Promotions Welcoming 2013

Free Cases, BOGO, eGift Cards

The year is ending and the new 2013 is right there upon us, what do we need right after the shifting of the year? A new phone, a new brand, or a new gadget to use? Well, of course, once you have decided to get any gadget or any new Smartphone, every time you do, you would usually welcome them to your family with the new toys along with it. The Smartphone cases, the tools to enhance them. Now, for the new year seasons, let’s us look at what we can purchase right now in order to use it for the rest of 2013 through. Today, Zagg invisible shield has announced the newest promotions and these promotions have been ongoing since the beginning of December 2012 in order to be as the gift idea and the product to reward oneself for the upcoming look weekends before crossing to 2013. However, there are not many of them even though Zagg is having so many products to offer and that’s why we would like to bring about 3 of them out to show them off!

The promotional content from Zagg has not been focusing on specific brands that ZAGG has been focusing on advertising such as ZaggSparq, ZAGG iFRogz, and other items. However, the promotion has come in general allowing everyone to choose what they want to purchase easier. Unlike other Smartphone case distributors and manufacturers that usually focus on promoting their left over stocks but on the other hands, ZAGG gives more options for them to shop freely. There are 3 main promotions as mentioned in the first section. These promotions are the free cases and keyboard, buy one get one free and many more. However, let’s get start in detail with the most recent promotions.

Buy One Get One Free – Protect all of your shiny new gadgets by get one invisibleShield for your device and a second invisibleshield product for your friend or the loved one for free with only one condition that the free shield must be of equal or lesser value, while supplies last, and limit one free per order and it is not available with other discounts or promotions. This means that customers can’t use coupon code on the order. The most popular shields are such as Kindle Fire, Galaxy S III, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, Droid RAZR MAXX, and more.

Buy ZAGGfolio get free invisibleshield – Today, customers can buy ZAGGfolio and get another invisible HD screen for free. This item is not a non-popular item but it is the $34.99 value item that can’t be found easily!

eGift Cards – eGift card is a great gift idea for everyone who believe that they can’t give gift to the person on time for the upcoming holiday season. ZAGG egift cards are perfect for gadget lovers because it can be received through email, no extra fees, and there are no expiry date or whatsoever once purchased. The benefit of giving eGift Card is that the loved ones or those who received the card can choose what they want to purchase easier.

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