4 Free Maryland CrabCakes, Anyone?

Award Winning Crabcakes This Weekend

free maryland crabcake at chicago steak company

These crab cakes, voted Maryland’s Best for 16 years in a row, are complimentary with your order of $99 or more today. Sweet lumps of Atlantic crab surrounded by all natural ingredients – it’s no wonder these full quarter pound crab cakes are a customer favorite! Made from the classic recipe, this quarter pound crab cake is crafted by hand using 100% domestic US blue crab meat. No imported crab meat. We add only as much filler as necessary to hold the lumps together and insist on premium ingredients at every turn. These are the real deal, not “Maryland style” or “Maryland recipe” but true, legendary, 100% Maryland crab cakes. These are great when paired with our Aged USDA Prime steaks.

It is the award winning gourmet Maryland Crab Cakes that you won’t be able to deny and you will get it for free this weekend only with $79 value. It is the biggest selection and the best quality with 4 free Maryland Crabcakes with any order over $99. The simple way to get this is to shop at Mychicagosteak.com or the Chicago Steak Company for anything over $99 and use Chicago Steak Company Promo Code before checkout. Just this, you will be able to get the award winning crab cake to taste at home along with the order. The question is, you might not be so appetite right now, and you might need some recommendations on what food or what steak you should buy to get this Crab Cakes

award winning Marylands crab cake

Recommended Products

The recommended product price will usually be a bit higher than the minimum to get Crab Cakes and these items are such as the perfect gift with special price for limited time the complete trimmed filet Mignon with the price usually more than $180 but with the special online price, the customers can get it for $99.95. With this order, you will be getting Crab Cakes for free with using promo code. Another one is the Chicago’s Best Seller Steak in package, the Black Angus Filet Mignons, Boneless Strips, Top Sirloins, Ribeyes, with 2 pieces each, just this, customers can only pay for $149.95 which is the 42% off the list price at $259.95 altogether with free Crab Cakes. The last 2 items to recommend are the Surf and Turf with 8 pieces of Black Angus Filet Mignons and Cold Water Lobster Tails for only $159.95. The Ultimate Grilling Assortment for only $149.95, customers can get black angus ribeyes, top sirloins, lemon herb chicken breasts, and steak burgers as well as getting free Crab Cakes.

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