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Slim, sleek and superpowered , the LG Venice. This is what people have heard the most and they wanted to test this new smartphone if it as good as they say. Today, we have a very good chance from Boostmobile.com, the official distributor of LG Venice with the new boost mobile promo code in order to be used to activate discount promotion for LG Venice. This new coupon from Boostmobile.com will help to automatically take out $40 off from the phone list price of $219.99. Furthermore, there are more promotions such as $5 off the Samsung Factor, $40 off the Warp Sequent and $55 off the HTC EVO Design 4G as the side promotion as well.

LG Venice comes with 2 phone plans to choose from and the first one is Android Monthly Unlimited that starts at $55 per month plus shrinking payments, nationwide talk and text, voicemail, long distance, call waiting, and 411 directory assistance included. On the other hand, once purchase LG Venice, customers can also choose to use Android daily unlimited that allows them to pay only $3 per day with just basic phone works included in the plan.


Everyone knows and has heard about LG Venice, one of the latest smartphone from “life is good” that has been focused on the mid range market of which is affordable for everyone. LG Venice is the phone that was being released specially for Boostmobile.com as well as for Sprint Nextel. LG Venice is known by its weight, thickness, and with the latest Android operating system 4.0. LG Venice has been looking good since from the grand opening and that might be because of the look at first sight plus the great design that people can hardly say no to it. LG Venice has been built for those who don’t want just the expensive phone but they also want the great feature out of the phone plus super high-end spec itself.
LG Venice has been placed in Boostmobile.com since from the start and it is a lovely phone for people that hate contracts. Looking from the outside and the phone body, it is not bad at all for a person to have this phone in the pocket and tuck it out getting in the meeting rooms or use it in front of friends who are currently using iPhone because everyone around will ask you if they can have a look on the phone. LG Venice is not the super high-end quality Smartphone but for 200 USD, it is a great phone. This new smartphone comes with the WVGA touch screen with 4.3 inches. The touchscreen technology has been improved to durable type. It is perfectly match for those who love shooting picture because LG Venice is equipped with 5 MPixel camera altogether with LED flash. However, we are a little disappointed in the front camera because it comes only with VGA quality. LG Venice connectivity works great in any connection type such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth 3.0. LG Venice is having its heroic function that is called QuickMemo to capture, create and share note. It is the great function and ideas from LG because the users can just capture any screenshot such as the map and they can instantly add note to explain the capture shot or to digitally write down the note on the page.

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