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Are you looking for a great phone that require no activation fees as well as the Smartphone that ranges in and OK price that you can go for, plus, it doesn’t needs to sign contract with anyone for 2 year? Of course there is one from Boostmobile.com. Today, Boostmobile.com has come out and announce the new promotion on one of the best Smartphone in terms of pricing versus benefit, high review rating of 4/5 and with extra service that Boostmbile.com is having. This phone is LG Marquee and it is on sales now! Boost Mobile is excited to offer $40 off the LG Marquee through Sunday, March 31st and $15 off the Motorola Theory, $30 off the LG Venice, $35 off the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G, $40 off the Warp Sequent and $55 off the HTC EVO Design 4G through Tuesday, April 2nd! This promotion requires correct Boost Mobile Promo Code to use in order to activate discount

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It is the twin version and it looks pretty much like LG Optimus, The smartphone we’re talking about here used to be officially released at Sprint Nextel altogether in the fashion week by letting customers to design the pocket for this Smartphone and this phone is LG Marquee, the beauty screen. We have already discussed about various smartphone in sprint, but this time, we would turn our back to the 2 year contract or annual plan but focus more on the prepaid phone plan in Boostmobile.com. Boostmobile.com has adopted LG Marquee into their Smartphone list and we can say that LG Marquee has made Boostmobile store looks very lively in almost immediately since the company carried not so popular smartphone during years ago. However, before going too deep into this, we would like to talk more about LG Marquee deeper in specification and reviews so that the customers can use this information to help them to decide to buy or not to buy from Boostmobile.com.

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Starting with the specifications and features, LG Marquee is of course powered by Android operating system on 2.3 gingerbread which used to be one of the fastest OS from Android. Now, when it powered by google operating system, then, other google application also comes together with such as the google play where the users can use to play games, music, and videos very easily and google integration allowing those users who have gmail account or google account to integrate notes, calendars, contacts, emails, and much more to LG Marquee. Coming to the part that people want to know the most, the camera. LG Marquee has 2 sided camera on the front facing and at the back, surprisingly, LG Marquee has a high quality front facing camera of 2 mega pixel which is much better than about 60% of the Smartphone in the market right now. At the back, the camera comes with 5 mega pixel which gives OK resolution for video and photo shooting on the 4 inches touch screen . We also love the way that LG Marquee comes with 1GHZ CPU and 512 MB of Ram which is perfectly matched with each other. However, the memory in LG Marquee is a bit low with only 4GB storage but it is upgradeable by using memory SD card. LG Marquee can be converted to accommodate wifi hotspot for up to 5 IPs allowing it more fun to get near with the people who have LG Marquee in their pocket!

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Decision to Purchase

LG Marquee is a great Smartphone comparing to other Smartphone on the same LG brand and other more expensive smartphones in the market right now. In PCmag.com, the author recommends everyone to compare LG Marquee with Samsung Galaxy Prevail which is less expensive but with inferior quality on resolution, hardware, and camera. The website also compare ZTE Warp which is also not so expensive but the quality is still can’t match LG Marquee at this moment. The website even match it with Virgin Mobile USA Motorola Triumph which is being offered at the same price range, however, the camera, the call quality, and the screen display is not as good as it gets. That’s why many review website recommend everyone to go for LG Marquee.

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