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Phone: Samsung Factor
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It is so cheap that many people dare to throw it away when they got angry, it is a durable flip phone from the world’s known brand and it is Samsung Factor. Samsung Factor has been available in Boostmobile.com for sometimes now and it is one of the most popular phone in there because of the low price and the phone available with no contract plan for monthly unlimited down the way to talk and text unlimited and pay as you go. Samsung Factor is a very low price working phone that everyone loves and everyone will love it more because today we have received the news confirmation from Boostmobile.com about the new low price. Starting from today, customers who are hesitated to get this Samsung factor, they can now save another $5 off from the normal list price at boostmobile.com without using Boostmobile Promo Code. The discount will automatically be applied in shopping cart and this is the cheapest and the best phone for lower price that we have rarely seen these days.

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It is a typical flip phone from Samsung that you wish you could just find a basic phone that sounds good when you talk and makes it easy to text. It is the lightweight but sturdy, this attractive flip phone is an ideal budget conscious choice for everyone who shops at Boostmobile.com. Samsung Factor has received a great deal of rating even though it is not the smartphone that allows users to get on social network or do whatever just like a smartphoen does. But Samsung Factor has been getting a very high rating of 4.1 out of 5 points in Boostmobile.com. The camera on the back side of Samsung Factor is not that bad for a Phone with less than $30, however, we are unable to tell the resolution of the camera because it has just stated in the specification that it is only a digital camera. Moving on to other feature such as the speaker phone with voice activated dialing, with the low price phone like this, we’re quite surprise about this technology because we are getting used to with iPhone Siri only. This means that Samsung Factor has built in such the way that users can talk on the phone with hands-free with the moderate quality speakerphone.

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Coming to the real use and function of Samsung Factor while using in the real daily life, we have found out that, it is very easy to use and it is capable for most function as the expensive smartphone does such as the email and instant messaging. Samsung Factor has been built for the users to reply and read emails too. Don’t you think a flip phone like Samsung Factor can have more than one ringtone? Well, because Samsung has invested most of its technology in Samsung Factor and the phone allows users to change the ringtone based on the tone they want. Now, for connectivity, we have to say that Samsung Factor doesn’t come with wifi enabled, but it has Bluetooth technology of which can get connected with the device. Samsung Factor comes with basic MMS and text messaging sending and receiving. The phone can be put in silent or vibration mode with the top feature of the phone is the “Speech to text” technology where the users can speak their mind and turn their voice into text. This is very useful when typing emails, text messages, and IM.

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