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All-Butler Riviera Villas at Sandals Grande Riviera

It is the experiences that you will get from the Caribbean’s Grandest Resort and it is located at OCHO Rios, Jamaica with the latest discount and promotion plus incredible air credit allowing customers to save huge even before they go and it is Incredible Savings to Enjoy the All-Butler Riviera Villas at Sandals Grande Riviera. Customers can now book online and get 65% off with up to $335 air credit plus 2 free nights by booking from either sandals.co.uk or Sandals.com. Even more than that, they will also be getting spa credit for $100 on Red Lane as well. All-Butler Riviera Villas at Sandals Grande Riviera, on each suite, there will be a butler who will be servicing everyone with the resort that is the closest to the water plus more than 10 magnificent restaurants in a single resort! Customers can enjoy the beachfront or the pool side rooms and this is selectable only at Sandals resort

Review and experiences

all butler riviera grande riviera pool side

Interested in blue sky and light blue ocean color where you can’t tell the different of which is the ocean and which is the sky? Well, it will only available there in All-Butler Riviera Villas at Sandals Grande Riviera in Jamaica. The resort is attached to the beach and at the matter of fact very near to each other with the feeling of waking up in the morning and walk out for the first step and we’re there at the beach. The building at the Grande Riviera at Sandals resort is not that high and it has only about 4 stories with 2 sides of rooms making it as 2 options to see the view. The first view, well, we didn’t like it that much since it is the jungle view with the room facing in-land. However, at this corner, we can get the fresh air coming from the tree and whatsoever. Another side is the room facing toward the sea where we can see the view in 180 degree in wide angle to check out who’s doing what on the beach and in the not so deep sea at the shore level. Looking out from the room at the top suites, we can also enjoy the strong wind that usually hit us in the afternoon time and the evening, it doesn’t feel so great when it rains though. Looking down from the balcony, there is a dock with U-shaped bridge where the small boat can park around. The dock is also huge because the length of its is comparable to the resort and we believe that it was being built for the guest to walk over the sea to get some fresh air and to be seated around the dock on the rest area provided.

all butler riviera grande riviera beach front

We’re not saying that, at the back of the All-Butler Riviera Villas at Sandals Grande Riviera isn’t that good, and we might have forgot to mention about the deep blue and large swimming pool with the word “Sandal” at the button of the pool. At this side, it is not only the jungle but before the jungle the guests can enjoy watching people swimming and sunbathing around the pool which looks really nice and peaceful. The decoration around this huge pool is marvelous especially the beach chair with the white dome cover and the tower at the swimming pool as the resort service point.

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