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Phone: Windows Phone 8
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After stepcoupons.com has announced the pre-order of Windows phone 8 at Verizon Wireless and we have received a huge feedback from the readers about the promotion and deals that we could find from Verizon Wireless. Today, all those feedbacks have come true and that’s because Verizon is now offering everyone a more affordable price Windows Phone 8 and especially for HTC. Customers can now purchase Windows Phone 8X by HTC at a very low price of $99.99 with 2 year contract along with the order. Every Windows Phone 8X by HTC order, customers will get free shipping promotion too. The price of $99.99 for everyone is not the kind of price that we can find from other websites or from any carriers and also, customers or current subscribers do not need to use Verizon Wireless Promo Code along with this order to receive such a great price. Windows Phone 8X by HTC comes with the “share everything plan” from Verizon wireless that allows subscribers to choose from 2GB shared data with unlimited talk and text starting from $60 per month along the way to 20 GB shared data together with unlimited talk and text for $150 a month

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Windows Phone 8X by HTC promotions

After we have tested and tasted the new Smartphone with the newest OS, Windows 8 phone and we have chosen to choose another series to do review which is Windows Phone 8X by HTC. The HTC windows phone has been called in short which is the “8X”. Comparing to Lumia, the 8X doesn’t really have anything in big different that you can differentiate from Lumia except from the different manufacturer. We can frankly say that for all Smartphone brands such as Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and many other Smartphone manufacturers have their own style of producing and designing the phone. We can also experience that HTC is also another one that has its own style in designing their brand new phone but when it comes to Windows Phone 8X by HTC, the design from other manufacturer doesn’t make any different. Furthermore on the design, the 8X does really look like HTC one X especially at the back of the phone on the rubber grip that makes the phone firm to grab hold.
Now, looking at Windows Phone 8X by HTC specifications, we firstly held the phone and we have found out that it has an credible light weight at 130G only! (comparing with the weight of a bag of frito lay, the weight is very similar!). The selling point of Windows Phone 8X by HTC can be nothing else but the colorful 4.3 inches screen, front camera with 1.2 mega pixel to choose and it can be said that Windows Phone 8X by HTC front camera is one of the best camera in the market at this moment. Coming back to the 4.3 inches screen, it is powered by S-LCD 16 million color spec with 1280X780 pixel covered by Gorilla Glass 2. The storage size is also very incredible because HTC is generous enough to offer 16GB factory standard storage plus 1 GB of RAM. All the music will be played by Beats Audio system. All of this phone is powered by Qualcomm MSM8960 1.5GHz dual core plus long lasting battery 1800 mAh on the Windows 8 operating system.

Windows Phone 8X by HTC at verizon wireless

Taking photos has never been easier with Windows Phone 8X by HTC since this Smartphone comes with camera and the enhancer. This has made the photo quality coming from HTC 8X become the top quality of all smartphone at this moment. However, there’s one negative review on the back camera that is very difficult to take the photo but this can be adjusted by continue to use the phone more often. The color of the photos are brilliant while the default value of the camera is 6 mega pixel which will perfectly fit for the screen. When the user adjust the camera to 8 mega pixel, there should be a black rims appear on each side of the photo taken. Now, what’s more interesting in Windows Phone 8X by HTC is the photo enhancer that everyone loves because they can adjust the white balance, exposure, contrast, and sharpness by imagesense.

Advantage of 8X

  • Lightweight, nicely designed, beautiful touchscreen and display
  • Superb front camera quality
  • Smooth operation powered by windows phone 8


  • Bad battery life
  • Difficult to use back camera
  • Non compatibility for SD card
  • Button layout is confusing


In the sense of design and the Smartphone display, we have to say that Windows Phone 8X by HTC has done a great job plus the photo taking with the great camera and the software that support the enhancement of the photo. The one thing that Windows Phone 8X by HTC need to improve is the battery life while using because it seems to us that it has been using battery power like draining water even though the team set the battery in eco mode but it is still consuming unstoppable. By this, it has become the user’s job to turn off everything that they don’t use to really save the power. From all this, battery is the only thing that we’re rating low for Windows Phone 8X by HTC at this moment.

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