Adobe CS 7 Release News : What’s New?

CS6 Then 6.5 and What’s Next?

Software: Adobe Creative Suite
Expected Release Date: Spring 2013

Everyone knows Adobe software starting from those who use them every day, Adobe Flash Player, PDF, and more. However, those are free Adobe software to use but what really matter for users that are looking for Adobe CS 7 impatiently would be a different story. Adobe started to put creative suite in the market which had begun with Creative Suite 3 and there had been newer versions to replace the old ones in the market. The present creative suite version is at CS6 which was being released since April 23, 2012 for customers who prefer download option and the company had actually started to ship the box version during May 2012.

We have received the latest news from, the Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen with the great good news that every year, the new creative suite version should be launched letting the current customers to upgrade and for the new customers to purchase. This means that every spring time, customers can celebrate with works with more and more advanced technology Adobe has embedded into.

The expectation of Adobe Creative Suite 7 is still far and cannot be hope for at this moment, because the CEO of Adobe had stated clearly that there would be the pre-release of Creative Suite 7 that is called the “mid releases” just like when we experienced Creative Suite 5 and CS 5.5. At this time, we also believe that the situation should be the same as the previous release and customers can firstly see Adobe Creative Suite 6.5 before getting to the 7 one.

From the news writer who had interviewed with Scott Morris, the senior director of product marketing at Adobe, there should be some CS 7 updates in the next few months on the news and extra features of which will firstly be introduced through Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber. This means that all Creative Cloud users will get the taste of how CS7 should work but not the entire feature and function of CS7 features until it is released. However, from Adobe Blog, we can see that the CS7 will be officially released sometimes in the first half of 2013. Now that we have all known the release date of CS7 and so start to run the clock and start the countdown!

Wait for CS7 or Purchase the CS6 Now?

Many customers have learnt their lessons during the release of Adobe Creative Suite 6 on April 2012. Most of them had heard about the release date news from Adobe in 2011 but did not decide to purchase CS5.5 because they were expecting the newest version. Of course, this idea is not bad, to wait for the newer version and probably wait for other users to do some reviews and then decide to purchase later on. However, they have learnt that, people who had purchased CS5.5 before the release of CS6 could get the upgrade promotion and it was the Free CS5.5 upgrade to CS6 at that time. This promotion was especially for customers who had purchased CS5.5 not so long before the CS6 release, on the other hand, customers that purchased CS5.5 long before could save huge on CS6 upgrade too.

It can be simply said that, if they are to wait, they can get the sense of “safety” not to purchase the product that has not been reviewed with good comments and rating. However, they could lose their opportunity to use the current Adobe Creative Suite version, and if they are working in the high competition graphic designer company, they could lose the distinctive capability over their competitors of not purchasing them.

Expected Features in Creative Suite 7

The Adobe creative suite 6 Family

We have our experiences in seeing Adobe development and putting the latest technology into the creative suite. Those who also see this would know that Adobe CS 6 is now having 4 suites in the package starting from Adobe Creative Suite 6 Standard, Web Design Premium, Production Premium, Master Collection. For CS7, we are not expecting Adobe to combine any suites together just like what we had seen Adobe CS5.5 Web Premium and CS 5.5 Design Premium which had been combined in the CS7 version. However, there are some news release that there are some plan of CS7 integration sign such as the Illustrator CS6 file packager and that we’re about to see in the upcoming months.

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