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After the announcement of Lightroom 3 from Adobe one of the largest software developers in this world, today, announces its new greatest software development to please the photographers to get a better feature out of LightRoom fans and has officially released Lightroom 4 which has the most advance feature far ahead and set its competitors aside. Adobe LightRoom 4 has extra feature that would help to facilitate the photographers by increasing the ability of photo and images enhancement that the professional photographers would need to adjust, enhance, edit, and manipulate their photos which was taken from the professional digital camera. Adobe LightRoom 4 which was being released in full version and help facilitating the photo editing process starting from the image file that has been taken by the digital camera, classify images easier and the Lightroom 4 users can input the keyword tags for those particular images. When we say handle the files, it’s not just 10 or 20 files but Lightroom 4 can handle image files in hundreds at the same time. The additional features from Lightroom 4 that are better than Lightroom 3 to 3.5 are those ability for the user to manage video files altogether with the image files. Adobe has adjusted the interface to be more users friendly and easier to use for the beginner. The software allows color adjustment on the photo and to use those adjustment values to apply to the video file according to the user’s needs. If the photos have been taken in various places and the name of place can be tagged in the photos while editing and the location is referred by Google map. From these new features, some might be excited and some might be more than excited and would like to go for a purchase and are now might be rush going to the software stores or the authorized Lightroom 4 distributor. However, we would like to discuss further the buying of Lightroom 4 in this case. Adobe LightRoom 4 should be purchased directly from and that’s because customers can have their extra chance to save by using Adobe ongoing promotions and Adobe Promotional Code. However, some of the customers have already known the way to purchase Adobe LightRoom 4 with extra discount and special by visiting Adobe Store, Education Store, and for business use, they might want to go for Business Store or the Enterprise purchasing. has announced the distribution of LightRoom 4 that the pricing of Lightroom 4 will be much lower than Lightroom 3 and they’re selling the full version at $149 and the normal price was $299. The upgrade version starts at only $79 while the previous price was planned to set at $99. In this article, we would like to discuss more about the promotional code for Adobe software and especially the discount promo code which would help the readers to get extra discount on Adobe LightRoom 4. The readers would be able to experience the promotional discount to save more online. They can also learn more about the core new features of Adobe Lightroom 4 which have set it different from other software available in the internet from other developers and much more.

Adobe LightRoom 4 Promotional Code

Besides the new great features that the users especially the professional photographers are looking for to help them to facilitate their jobs or for leisure to handle hundreds of photos at one time and they can also use Lightroom 4 to enhance every single photo that they have taken from various places with location tagged based on Google Map. Photographers can work easier and faster with the new Adobe Lightroom 4 and it’s considered a good investment for them and thus they’re now looking for the software to use. That’s why we’d like to discuss about the purchase of Lightroom 4 but with extra promotions and discount. is not just developing various software and force customers to purchase with high price but they also offer customers the way to get extra discount on purchase based on the products that they want to put into promotion sections. In this case, customers can use Adobe Lightroom 4 promotional codes and get extra discount instantly by applying the promotional code in shopping cart. had launched its discount promotional code for sometimes and they had helped many customers to save from purchasing its software, there are many codes available to use and most of the codes would offer customers with percentage discount and the maximum that we have seen was 80% off. There are some adobe promotional code which offer discount for product bundle, however, in order to see all available promotion and promotional codes for, customers can reveal them all.



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Top LightRoom 4 Features

  • Ability to highlight and recover the shadow – Photographers would usually experience taking photos in the dark ankle with lesser lights, and the new feature can increase the light to that dark image that has been taken in the dark corner.
  • Creating Photo Books – Tired of creating own photo books or order them from the internet? Lightroom 4 can now help the users to create their own with the help of the software and altogether with various template to use
  • Location Based – Adobe allows users to group images or photos taken from various places around the world and users can group them according to the geographical area that are referred to Google Map
  • Extended Video Support – Quick Develop tool is just another feature from LightRoom 4 that allows users to organize, view and adjust the video clips and as we have mentioned, LightRoom 4 is not being developed to handle photos only
  • White Balance Brush – The color is not balance in the photos? This will no longer be problems, users can adjust the image and the scenes with mixed lighting sources and make the color more balanced. This also includes the editing brushes that have now added in as additional features in order to reduce noise and moiré
  • Video Publishing – Users can now share video clips in different format through social network website such as Facebook, Flickr, and they can also enjoy the new feature to save them in phones, tablets, smart phones, and other handheld devices.
  • Soft Proofing – Problem in printing out images can still be found at the present and that is the image that we have edited and the printed out version don’t look the same. The soft proofing would allow Lightroom 4 users to see the different and if the expectation on the images that are to be printed out comparing with the digital format quality should be the same
  • Enhanced Online Sharing Integration – Lightroom 4 allows users to share photos and images easier by integrating with social network websites. The users can just edit and share with only one click. The sharing function is one thing but another thing is emailing function. Lightroom 4 allows the image to be directly emailed through the software using the user’s email account.
  • Importing Libraries – Lightroom 4 allows users to import the images and photos from other application of their choice which has made this much easier to manage and control. Promotions

Every month, will launch its promotion beside the issuance of promotional code, saving codes, or free shipping codes. This is to let customers see that not only the effectiveness of products that customers can purchase with a few clicks away from their home and the coupon promotional offer that customers can use in extra, they can also take advantage on other promotions at the site. These on-site promotion is great since there’s no need for any customers to use, enter, apply, promotional code in the shopping cart to get special discount and there are a lot of promotions on the monthly basis on selected software. The promotion that we’re talking about is firstly one day deal. It’s the concept of countdown timer clock where customers can get the desired software with the deepest discount for only one day. Thus, customers should act fast on this promotion because the once the promotion is expired, there’s no turning back. offer promotions according to the holiday and important day of the year, such as Christmas Sales, New Year Sales, Valentine’s Day Offer, and other promotional events allowing customers to have extra choice in shopping with them. Sometimes, Adobe promotion comes in a mix promotion for all of the countries which are not limited to UK, Europe, Australia, and other Asian countries. Upgrading software at, customers can also get extra discount from this, as they can see before doing check out, the discount will be applied automatically at shopping cart.


Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information. The company’s award winning technologies and software have redefined business, entertainment, and personal communications by setting new standards for producing and delivering content anytime, anywhere.

Top Products Include:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe Acrobat X
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

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