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If you’re looking for AmeriGlide Promo Code and coupon codes, then, you might have come to the right place! We’ve been looking for and searching for the latest AmeriGlide coupon code and promo code over the past months in order to offer the readers with the discount from using coupon code in purchasing various items at such as the Stair Lifts, Vertical Platform Lifts, Walk-in Tubs, Lift Chairs, Bath Lifts, Dumbwaiters, Wheelchair Lifts, and many more like the mobility scooters, evacuation products, elevators, and so much more that focus on helping the elderly and the patient to be able to travel up to the upper floor of the house or building again. There are so many types of stair lift in Ameriglide with different series for different using purposes such as the Ameriglide Rubex, Vesta, Ultra, raVe, Platinum, and AmeriGlide Pool Lift which is ADA approved. Also, provides the option for the customers to just rent the stair lifts, offer the maintenance parts and service, and also buy the stair lifts back from the customers for the re-conditioning purposes. Now, Check out below, the box for the customers to enter the promo code

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Weekly Specials

For those who don’t want the reconditioned stair lifts and they just hate to purchase high price products but they love the brand new ones. We do recommend to look for AmeriGlide Weekly Special Promotion. Every week, AmeriGlide will be featuring its products on the special pricing section with up to 50% off on the sales promotion such as the traveler travel scooter, the Ameriglide Premium Bath Lift, and Electric Powered Stair lift. This section is very interesting because customers don’t have to find promo code to get this type of discount.

Elderly Person & Stair Lift

The most dangerous accident inside of the house is not from the kitchen, bedrooms, or from the front or backyard, but it is absolutely from the stairs to the upper floor. No matter how young you are or how strong a person is, falling from the 3rd step onward can cause serious injury physically. Even the youngster uses the stairs and they might miss the step which will result in serious accident in the end and so, we want to be careful with the stairs by installing the handle, stick the step with anti-slippery tape and so on. However, when we talk about the elderly people, this is a very critical decision to help them to get to the second floor easier because of the physical limitations.

For houses that has more than 1 floor, most family solve the problem by arranging the bedroom for the elderly to stay just on the first floor by making the bedroom on the ground floor so that they don’t have to walk the step to the second. However, for so many limitations, most household can’t just do that and they’re experiencing problem for the elderly to walk the step to the upper level. Most elders are experiencing health problem such as low blood pressure, heart problem, bone’s problem, and muscle weakness and so they find it very difficult to travel to the upper floor easily. For people living in the house, they need to take good care of this problem to determine the security level of the elders by using the stair lifts, vertical lifts, wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters and even elevators for houses that have more than 2 stories.

Ameriguide stair lift types

Ameriguide rubex, Ameriguide Vesta, and Ameriguide Ultra

AmeriGlides & Considerations

The stair lift is very costly when there are too many stair steps and height involved in the installation, and most household choose to use Ameriglides brands as it is the most trusted brand in the United States that is very specialized in stair lift and elevator installation even if it is the vertical lift. However, in order to install the lift, there are some considerations needed to take a minute to look at:

  • Construction Cost of the ground floor room – As mentioned, many household choose to build another room on the first floor, an extra room that can accommodate the elders which will not require them to walk the to the upper floor. Usually, there are 2 ways to do this, which is to use the current empty or unused room and make it as bedroom for the elders. This way, it is less costly since it is just to take away the stuff in the room and replace them with the bedding and facilities for the elders. The second way is to construct the extended room, this way, it will be very costly and requires so much time.
  • Personal Bond to the room – Most of the elders are feeling attached to their house, their belongings, and also bonded to their usual place which is bedrooms. Building another room for them even though it is cheap, changing the upper stairs for the elders might not be a good idea. The best way is to talk this over first and then decide later if they want to move down to the room.

However, if these 2 considerations are not met with the criteria and the reasons to adjust the way of life of the elders, then, the AmeriGlide stair lifts are the best shot to go for since the company is offering various types of stair lifts with wheel chairs and huge ranges of products such as the battery powered stair lifts, electric powered stair lifts, commercial stair lifts, outdoor stair lift, curved stair lifts, and even the re-conditioned stair lift.

Types of Stair Lift

There are only 2 types of stair lifts which are the straight and curved stair lifts which are being used in different type of stairs. Some house, the stair is straight up to the upper floor but most houses the stairs are curved or there is a mid stairs level to turn and walk straight up again. Now, when you hear about the vertical lift, it doesn’t really use with household stairs, rather, it is being used in a more commercial area where there are no lean platform for the wheelchair to climb up.

About AmeriGlide

AmeriGlide is the recognized leader in stair lifts, vertical lifts, and wheelchair lifts on the Internet. Americans looking for lift solutions have come to rely on our quality, reliability, support, service, and price.

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