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Promotion for Buy and Gift Points

amtrak guest rewards points

Whether you’re looking for ways to get train tickets, USA rail pass, Smartfares, group travel, or hotels & cars plus things to do. It seems that the only thing that you will need is to get discount on those stuff and one of ways is to get the highest Amtrak Guest Rewards Points. The way to get this is to firstly follow the promotion on the guest rewards to do shopping and get free points. However, another way to get the point fast is to buy Amtrak Guest Rewards Points from Today, would like to present the promotion on purchasing the reward points directly from the Amtrak website and pay only $0.0275 for a point.

However, if you’re looking for promotion cdoe for Amtrak Guest Rewards or any promotion code for We need to inform that the code is different between the guest rewards and the Amtrak. If you are looking for promotion code for Amtrak, then, you’re finding the discount train tickets and other travel saving. On the other hands, a person might be looking for Amtrak Guest Rewards points and this means they are looking for discount points that they can purchase through the website. Looking into the guest rewards only, it is not very often for Amtrak Guest Rewards to release the promotion like this for the customers and if they do, everyone can find them all here in


Basic ways to earn/redeem points

Here’s a summary of the benefits you’ll enjoy as an Amtrak Guest Rewards member:

  • Earn two points for every dollar spent on your Amtrak® travel
  • Earn extra points when transacting with a wide variety of program partners
  • Redeem for free travel starting at just 1,500 points
  • Redeem for free hotel stays, car rentals, gift cards and more

Remember—you’ll receive your enrollment bonus if you take a paid Amtrak trip within the 90 days following your enrollment.

Tips for Amtrak Reward

  • Travel within 90 days from this notice to receive your enrollment bonus
  • Expect your permanent membership card and program materials in 4-6 weeks after your first trip
  • Make sure to use your member number every time you book travel to automatically earn points
  • Use The Latest promotion such as Amtrak Double Point Double Day

Special Ways to Earn Extra Points

  1. Spread the word and earn 500 bonus points. Referring friends to Amtrak Guest Rewards and earn 500 bonus points if they travel within 90 days of enrollment
  2. Get 4X the points with hertz. Now, through June 30, rent with Hertz to earn quadruple points or 200 points per day. It is easy, just go out and rent the car with Hertz on your business or family trip that can help you to earn 4X points each day. The points can reach up to the maximum level of 200 points per day and the customers can get 1,400 points for a week rental for free!
  3. Join Choice privileges to earn double points. Now, passengers can earn 500 Amtrak Guest Rewards points per qualifying stay between March 18th and May 18th, at over 5,500 choice hotels locations
  4. Fresh flowers at 1800 Flowers can also mean fresh points for the members. From March 18th to May 18th, 2013, customers can earn 20 points for each dollar spent.

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