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Many internet users have been putting their attentions on the latest Samsung technologies such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it seems to us that there are more searches on the Smartphone users. The trend goes on for the people who live in United States of America and the past few days top search is Samsung Galaxy S in various versions. Now, these searches have brought us the ideas of bringing out the available promotions that we have from the biggest wireless communication operators in United States and these are Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Virgin Mobile USA, Boostmobile, and the aggregator site such as The reason we want to bring this up is to compare the best prices and promotions among the 4 operators to help the readers to find their best Samsung Galaxy S mobile in different series. In this case, we have selected only a few models such as Samsung Galaxy S2 that has been out for a while, Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon Wireless, and the released rumors about the new Galaxy S 4. Let us start comparing with the first online provider,

  • Galaxy S Series at – At sprint, it seems that the advantage of the network is to offer the subscribers with affordable phone altogether with truly Unlimited Sprint Phone Plans for both Family Plan, Mobile Broadband, and individual. For Samsung Galaxy S version, there is only Galaxy S 2 available in with a very low and affordable price at $99.99 no sprint promo code required. You all know how great sprint phone plans work, and we don’t want to talk about it much here in this post, however, the point is that, Sprint is still offering this Galaxy S2 with 2 year plan and there’s no way to get away with it.


  • Boost Mobile – Coming to, Sprint allies, the website offers only on Samsung Galaxy S2 as well. The advantages of getting Samsung Galaxy S II at Boost Mobile is that, the customers don’t need to sign any contract or agreement and they can still be using Sprint coverage. Now, when it comes to the pricing, offers customers with $279.99 pricing which is much cheaper than Sprint and customers can always use Boost Mobile Promo Codes that are available in for more discount too.

  • Virgin Mobile USA – We’re still here with Sprint Network Company and it is At virgin mobile, we can see many other Samsung model rather than Samsung Galaxy S 2 such as Galaxy Reverb, Montage, and others which might not be exactly of what we want to compare here. Today, Virgin Mobile USA offer Galaxy S2 with the same old price and there has been nothing changed from the previous years at $329.99. Even though the customers are allow to use Virgin Mobile USA promo code, but the price might not be dropped that much in our perspective. However, we have a feeling that the S3 will be coming to be available in Virgin Mobile very soon and this is great news for the fan.


  • Verizon Wireless – Actually, Samsung Galaxy S series from Verizon Wireless shouldn’t be in this position because Verizon today is having the most number of series and purchasing options for Samsung Galaxy series. The site is filled up with Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and the purchasing option for Samsung Galaxy S3 bundle with accessories. However, recently, we have received the rumor that the customers will be seeing the new Samsung Galaxy S4 very soon from Verizon Wireless and this is interesting news. For those who decide to get Galaxy series from Verizon Wireless, there are no Verizon Wireless Promo Code to use and they need to sign up for 2 years contract with the price of $199.99 for S3.

  • – Another option for Samsung Smartphone lovers that they can compare and choose among the best Smartphone and plans from the site. is carrying almost all of the Smartphone and wireless operators in United States with the ability in offering lower price. Customers can find Samsung Galaxy S2 up to S3 from T-mobile, Sprint, and Verizon with price ranges from $99 up to $199. It seems to us that T-mobile pricing for Galaxy S is comparable to Verizon in and so you need to make up your own mind on this again.  Again, shopping at, customers can use wirefly coupon code and to get free activation credits on the selected smartphone according to the available and current promotions from the company

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