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If you’re looking for ways to get your Bigcommerce hosting plan discount by using unreal bigcommerce coupon code, then, we have to say sorry that recently, had just announced that they don’t offer coupon code and discount code and even for the Diamond pricing plan since the company has been working really hard to provide the best features on all plans for the customers and that’s always the best price already without having to use coupon code. Now, if you’re planning to get Diamond Plan with discount, then, you would need to read this walkthrough on how you can get $100 advertising fees along with the 10% discount on the Diamond Plan. Now, before seeing the way to receive extra discount, we should take a look at the review of BigCommerce Diamond Plan and pricing before doing anything else. Take a look in the next section on how you can save 10% off + $100 Google Adwords at the same time.

bigcommerce diamond plan discount


Many stores owner will just pay attention on the cost of subscription per month while they go ahead for annual subscription with huge discount. For Diamond Plan at, the way to receive discount 10% is to choose annual plan and pay for one time. Just this, the price from $299.95 will be dropped down to $249.95 per month for a year. Now, the discount might seem too small with only $50, but at the matter of fact, $50 is HUGE for every month. Think about 12 months and each month you can save $50 and that’s $600 OFF. How? When you save $50 from choosing annual plan over the monthly plan, the differences is $50 per month, for a year, multiply $50 with 12, and you can get $600 savings in your bank account.

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I’m not sure about Diamond Plan

When you are trying to choose Diamond plan as your primary plan, this means that you’re having very large scale of products and big team to keep the site running. In conclusion, your business is big, your store is huge. Then, why hesitated about having big storefront and unlimited capacity in becoming a star in the e-commerce platform? We can suggest that there are no more than 3 commerce websites providers in this world that will as good as (provided that with the very low price of $200+ per month). Think about renting out the server with $200 a month and get no extra service from the host. We suggest those who have big things to sell to go for Diamond plan right away.

Why Do You Need Diamond Plan? has its different plans for different needs starting from Bronze, Silver, Gold Plan, Platinum, and Diamond. Diamond plan at is the biggest plan of all that has the highest price. Now, in, customers can only see 5 important attributes which are the unlimited products, 100 staff logins, unlimited storage, $100 Google Adwords, and abandoned cart saver, but they don’t really know what that means and we would like to give a bit of walkthrough to explain what the diamond plan attributes are and why do you need them.

loaded features for diamond plan

  • Unlimited products – Normally, when the store owners would like to increase more sales, then, they need to think about more products to sell. The limiting of the products such as 100 products in bronze package could limit the sales as well. However, for some store owners, they have less than 100 products to get them online and so they only go for Bronze and not diamond, but if you think you really have thousands of products from different line or you believe that there will be more products to sell in the future, then, unlimited products attribute is great for you.
  • 100 Staff Logins – The staff login is also very important, when your store is small, then, there might be a few people working on the online sales activities at the same time and you don’t need that many people to have access to the shopping cart, the sales transactions, the website reports, and etc. However, when your company is getting bigger and you can’t just take any risk of getting jammed on multiple login, then, the 100 Staff logins in Diamond Plan sounds great
  • Unlimited Storage – Brochure files, nice product pictures, video streaming, text, software download service store, and other products that require huge storage should consider this point as a very critical point. When your stores are dealing with graphics or with ten of thousands of product images, 30-50GB might not be enough during a year. Also, when the stores are dealing with huge traffic on the store forum, the website storage should also be big and in diamond plan, it is unlimited, meaning that, you can just put anything into the site without any limit which is great.
  • Abandoned Cart Saver – This exclusive feature from is really interesting, we can say that this feature will help to minimize risk of the customers not to buy products, to maximize opportunity to increase returning customers, and to increase chance for the company to earn more sales and transactions. Every day, customers tries to purchase products from stores, and sometimes they are reluctant to place the order with leaving everything like that in the shopping cart. The Abandoned Cart Saver feature in Diamond plan will help to keep sending emails back to the customers and so to remind them that they have something in the cart and they have more opportunity to return with extra deals you can send them and this sounds like the bargain deal.

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