Blackberry Z10 Promotions at Wirefly Now

Keep Your Life Moving for Only $199.99

Last time, we had introduced the blackberry Z10 from Verizon Wireless store and at this time it is coming from another source that we are all know, Wirefly has shaken hands with T-mobile recently to carry the latest game changing smartphone from Blackberry, the Z10 that will change the point of view of the users toward the Blackberry brand. However, the smartphone itself might not be just enough and so extra promotion will also help the customers to save on this new Smartphone and also to help the carrier to easily introduce the phone to the market. That’s why today, we have the Blackberry Z10 for everyone from Wirefly and T-mobile.

blackberry z10 at wirefly today

Discover the latest and greatest from BlackBerry with the BlackBerry Z10 from T-Mobile – Now only $199.99 for new and upgrade accounts! BONUS: Purchase a phone through Wirefly and receive FREEFedEx Shipping, FREE Mobile Backup, and FREE Contact Transfers! This promotion does not require any use of T-mobile coupon code or Wirefly coupon code, but the pricing will be reflected in the shopping cart right away.

  • Powerful New BlackBerry Operating System – Keeps Your Documents and Emails Safe and Secure
  • Super-Thin, 4G LTE BlackBerry features a Touchscreen with improved virtual keyboard
  • Personalize Your Phone with apps from Blackberry World
  • Video Chat and Screen Share with Blackberry Messenger
  • Create and Edit Microsoft Documents

Will Z10 Be OK?

At this point, we believe that there will be a lot of Smartphone users plus the once before Blackberry Fans jump in and get this phone to use. The smartphone users, in the first group is the people that love to try new things and BlackBerry Z10 is something new to them with the new OS, new features, and everything new. Especially with the price of less than $200, we’re quite certain that it is not that bad to get one. The second group of people are those Blackberry Bold and other series fan, They are hoping that Blackberry will come back some days with the new idea and they might want to buy again and here they are, the Z10 is out with expectation to gain back the old fans. We believe that the Z10 will recover Blackberry faces and businesses since the company has now changed from using the old method in connecting people and today it is following the world’s trend finally.

Side Promotions

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