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Product: The Unpeel, Blue Plasma
Website: Perricone MD
Price: $95 or Less
Promotion Code: Available
Reviews: 5/5

Perricone MD launch its new line of exfoliator/scrub. This Blue Plasma is different from other exfoliator or peeling products coz it is a non acidic daily peel which can be use daily after cleansing for both day and night. It’s outstanding point of this peel that make it different from the traditional way of peeling is that it doesn’t need to rinse off or clean and contain no beat scrub that might effect in redness, burn or irritation. It is formulated WITHOUT PARABENs so it is save and can be assure that this peeling product from Perricone MD will not make users allergy irritation or redness on their skin. Blue Plasma also leave skin hydrated and with daily use will delivers skin luminosity, radiance and clarity. Moreover, skin will be softer and transformed skin surface to be smoother affected from reduction in pore size. The basic of this formula from Perricone MD has precisely shown its benefits toward the users. The Blue Plasma can also be purchased at Perricone MD anytime with extra discount by using Perricone MD Coupon of which will help to save extra cash as much as 15% up to 20% off from the Blue Plasma list price and also with Perricone Cold Plasma. Besides, customers can add in more products from the website and so all orders are included in the discount. Customers might find the same Perricone MD Blue Plasma for the same size at many stores such as,,, and even Many stores set the price of this blue plasma for a very low price but if we take a look at Perricone MD coupon code, customers will always get the cheapest price at (you can do your calculation on your own).  In addition to this, customers can always check out the previous released products, Cold Plasma Sub-D as well.


Skin Peeling

Naturally, human skin in the age of 20 will usually be peeled for every 3 weeks. However, when a person is aged, the performance and the frequency of skin peeling will be reduced. The dead skin cell won’t peel off and it usually stick together blocking the new cell to born to circulate. The result of this can be totally visible to many people such as the black spot on the face cause by the sun and from the pollutions. In addition to this, the older the age, the longer the skin will peel itself and it is up to 7 weeks at the age of 70 years old. That’s why it is necessary for skin peeling for women who’s getting more age and there are 2 main type of skin peeling as below:

  • Physical Peeling – The physical peeling is the use of peeling equipment which is not general for people but it will only be found in the beauty center used by the physician. There are also various types of physical peeling such as Dermis, Microdermabrasion, and more.
  • Chemical Peeling – It is the use of chemical to stimulate the skin to peel off its old skin. The principle of this is to make the skin wounded and the new cell will try to repair the wounded area. There are many types of Chemical peeling in different levels; Light, Medium, and Deep.

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