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Normal Price: $549.99, $199.99
Promotion: Buy One Get One Free
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Today, is having a new deal for the once before exciting smartphone, the LG Optimus G which was being released at the end of 2012 in October 2012. The price of LG Optimus G is quite high but it is worth purchasing with the opinion and reviews below. LG Optimus G is available in Sprint and the company would like to start off 2013 by releasing the new promotion celebrating with everyone and this new promotion is never before from Sprint. LG Optimus G is now being offered with 50% OFF! That is to buy one LG Optimus G get another one for free, this means that customers purchase 2 LG Optimus G smartphones with only one unit price. We are very delighted that this new promotion from does not require the use of Sprint promo code to activate any special in the shopping cart and LG Optimus G BOGO promotion is very much suitable for family plan since the customers can get 4 phones with lower price by 2 options:

  • With 2 Year Agreement – LG Optimus G regular price at Sprint is at $549.99, but with the 2 year agreement, customers can get it for $199.99 for 2 units!
  • Without 2 Year Agreement – Without the agreement, customers need to handle $549.99 pricing for one unit and get another one for free

LG Optimus G promotion at sprint jan 2013

BOGO Promotions at Sprint

It was actually released and it is one of the most waited for Smartphone from LG that comes with WXGA screen for 4.7 inches which is quite large for a Smartphone. Comparable to many brands that have come out recently. Firstly off, we would like to point out the specification for this phone from as everyone should have read the promotions from up above. The feature for this phone can be nothing else but the quality back camera which has 13 mega pixel, a really nice working cam that can produce great quality image for the shooter. LG Optimus G has its most advanced technology that accommodate 4G LTE with NFC chipset in order for the user to touch the phone with the reader to pay the bill and whatever financial transaction. LG Optimus G comes with wireless NFC device that can send and receive data from phone to phone. LG Optimus G is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad core chipset of which all together with produce great screen display. All of these hardware won’t be able to if it is not because of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich plus 2GB of ram and 32GB of storage. By this specifications, we can see that many Smartphone doesn’t usually come with 2GB of ram but only 1GB. This means that LG Optimus G processing time and loading time is super fast. The phone can be used well in multi-tasking or so called “Cross-tasking”.

LG optimus G at sprint

As mentioned, the rear camera is 13 mega pixel pairing with front facing camera. Many users had expected the front camera to be VGA but LG is great enough to install the 1.3 mega pixel together with in the phone. The users can take more pictures for longer with 2,100 mAh battery that has been said to extend the usage life for 30% each charge. Now, we would like to also introduce more on the extra and special ability of LG Optimus G below.

  1. QSlide Function – LG Optimus G is powerful enough to be able to split the screen into 2 allowing the users to work on one screen and do something else on another.
  2. Live Zooming – Users can zoom on the video for 5X while the video is playing
  3. Dual Screen Dual Play – Being used in the presentation allowing users to send video to the display wirelessly just like using the laptop or Mac in presentation.
  4. QuickMemo – The Optimus G user can draw, write, and more by using finger on the touch screen and will be able to share it online instantly.
  5. Screen Zooming – Many Smartphones allows zooming on only image and text, but for LG Optimus G, the users can zoom in the music list, email, and message whereas the font sizes can be changed as they wish for.
  6. Application Link – LG Optimus G users can set up the turn on timing of the applications available in the phone such as weather forecast, emails, and more as soon as the alarm clock is stopped!

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