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Save 36% Per Month or $696 Per year

cableone bundle discount

Cable TV with full HD, Phone Service, and Internet Connection is the cost that every household is facing and they are huge when they are being subscribed or purchased individually. Especially at, many people believe that there should be bundle package as they are using these services. Today, has come out and announced the new discount bundle packages that customers can take 3 of them with discounted price which will favor the house owners and of course the money in the pocket. Normally, the cable packages, Phone Service, and Internet subscription cost huge when it comes to individual subscription even though it is in the same website or service. However, when it is grouped together the price can go down much lower and in this case at, the discount from taking bundle is at 36%. Here’s the equation.

  1. 50Mbps Cost $50 Per Month at
  2. Cable One Phone Cost $50 Per Month for Standard Phone
  3. Cable One, Cable TV Packages Cost $57 per month for Standard

The total cost combined at $157 per month, dropping down or degrade the package might not get what a person wants. Degrading the HD channel, might cut out mom’s favorite channel, the internet speed could be worse when it comes to downloading and uploading video and files. The phone service could be limited when a person turns to economy package. Why degrade at all when you can save on the bundle package at When the total price for the 3 bills in the normal rate is at $157, with the bundle package from, customers can immediately go for $33 for Cable TV, $33 for 50 mbps internet, and $33 for standard phone service. The total cost of 3 for bundle promotion is at $99 which is the saving of $58 per month or saving of $696 per year and this is a huge discount of all time! Get them today.


Reducing Household Utility Expenses

From all of the cost in the household there are two types of cost that can be said disturbing the household’s revenues which are variable cost and fixed cost. The variable cost is all those utility expenses, the maintenance cost, and these are such as the water bills, gas, power bill and so on. The fixed cost in this case, we don’t mean the house itself, the furniture, and so on, but it could be classified as the house mortgage or monthly payment to the bank. This type of expense is not controllable but a person needs to manage his/her own financial status in able to pay. There is just another type of fixed cost to this and they are those monthly subscription service cost such as the home insurance, the preventative maintenance cost, and the last one is the monthly subscription cost to the entertainment company which are internet service providers, phone service, cable TV and much more. Now, how to reduce the cost occur in the household? There are some cost that we can reduce such as those variable cost for utility expenses, but there are a lot of costs that we can’t just tell them to reduce. That’s why we are not to focus on the cost that we can’t really help but we can actually adjust them to the optimum point from the right service provider for each month subscription.

best deal at cable one bundle

  • The Utility Expenses – The more you use, the more you pay and on the other hand, the lesser you use, the lesser to pay also. These water, electricity, gas, and power, are the utility expenses for the household that can be controlled, the parents or the house owners might create a policy to ask everyone to help to use less of them, switching off the lights, tight-in the tap after used, and to use them when necessary
  • The Fixed expenses – The house mortgage could be the toughest problem to control because there will be refinancing matter involves. But for the other fixed cost that we need to pay monthly for phone bills, cable TV, and also the internet connection, this could be very easy at all time. The Cable TV can be switched the suppliers and so we can find the better and cheaper source, the internet providers are so many in States and in each district, the phone lines are also very easy to switch and that what we can control in favor with the house expense control.


Cable ONE is leading operator of cable systems that serves approximately 720,000 customers in 19 states with cable television, telephone and high-speed Internet service. Cable ONE is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Washington Post Company, a diversified media and education company headquartered in Washington DC. The corporate headquarters for Cable ONE are in Phoenix AZ, however, the majority of our over 2000 associates work in our local cable offices. Cable ONE began in 1986 as a small cable television company. We have now grown to the 10th largest traditional cable company offering our consumers a wide range of the latest products such as High-Definition programming, wireless Internet service and phone service with unlimited long distance calling.

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