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California is one of the state which accounted for a large percentage of GDP and business growth in USA nowadays and there are hundreds of thousands businesses and companies that are operating in this state. Recently, we can notice that there are a lot of changes in California’s Law, Tax Law, Employee Law, and other regulations which was being done in order to help assisting or facilitating California’s businesses and especially to the employers and employees to have a better living especially for California chamber 2015 employment notice. There have been so many changes in the regulations nowadays than in the past and that’s focused to adapt to the changes of the way the company do its businesses for both domestically and internationally and this is partially coming from the changes of the world’s competition, technology, and other factors. The changes of the law has most of the time made it difficult for a company to adapt to the changes and the ability to quickly receiving the flow of information from California Chamber of Commerce and other part of the government units. Thus, in order to adjust to the changes and to keep up with the world, the company and if to be specific the employers need to adjust to the changes by knowing the information on such as business management, employment law publications, harassment prevention, Health & Safety, and other information based that are related to the economy, businesses, and employees which would help them to comply with the current law and to run business smoother than in the past. However, how can we go about to be aware all of this information the most we can or as often as we feel we want to? This can be doen by visiting is the chamber of commerce for States of California which has been there helping employers for more than 120 years. The businesses can subscribe or purchase information related to the law, regulations, and to subscribe to the news and information that would provide. In order to subscribe or use products and services, we need to handle some fees which can be seen on different products and subscription at the website. However, customers can always get extra discount on these information at CAL CHAMBER by using Calchamber Priority Code, Coupon Codes, Discount Codes, as promotional codes and customers who are aware of this would usually see the message when they’re arriving at the shopping cart. Cal Chamber Priority Code can help customers to get discount and special discount on many types of information by subscribing to it. Customers who use CalChamber Priority Codes would usually save on products and services at the site such as subscription, preferred membership, CA Employment Notices Poster, CA Labor Law Digest, Harassment Prevention Supervisor Version, Employee Handbook Software, HR Handbook for CA Employers, Required Notice Kit, Pamphlets, and much more. In this article, we would discuss more about the Priority Codes for and the way to fully utilize these priority codes as coupon codes to get extra discount as much as possible. The readers would be able to see the available priority code for including the current and ongoing promotions that might be useful for them. Priority Codes

Besides all of the information that the employer should be aware before the law force them to, employers can get extra information that are related to California Chamber of Commerce, Taxes, Employment law, and much more information directly from California Chamber of Commerce without having to wait for the formal announcement. This usually happen in the United States that when there’s any changes, the employers could not adapt to the change because they receive the information at the end of the line and not from the beginning. However, this is not the only things that would offer to the customers. would like customers to save on the information that they’ve provided by using Calchamber Priority Code, Coupon Codes, and Discount Codes, as Promotional Codes. Normally, the priority codes or discount codes for would be in the form of discount promotion. However, had issued its first group of discount code or priority code recently and that was during 2012 and there are number of codes that have been released recently. The Priority Codes from would usually offer customers with 2 things. The first one is once applied in shopping cart; customers would get discount from the product purchased or the discount on monthly subscription. The other type of code is allowing customers to get free stuff such as free webinar, or free information, and even free subscription on California law and other information. In order to see all Priority Codes, Coupon Codes, and Discount Codes for, customers can reveal them all.



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25% off 2015
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2015 preordered
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CalChamber Promotions

Of course, because is new in terms of distributing information such as employment notice in 2012 and others, thus, they might not be able to provide that many priority codes or discount codes for the employers to use. The ongoing promotions for would be very much useful in this case and that’s how a business can get extra discount on the subscription and purchase at the site. The first one is the discount promotion on membership such as preferred and executive members on California labor law digest, California employment notices, Harassment prevention training, and required notices kit. The regular price would be dropped for those who have registered as a member at Customers can also sign in to get 20% off from the regular price shown on website as well. Follow up with to learn more about the ongoing and extra promotions that would offer for us.


CalChamber is a one-stop shop for information, products and resources that answer California and federal labor law and human resources questions and help HR professionals and business owners complete compliance-related tasks. CalChamber members receive numerous benefits, including:

  • Labor Law Helpline, which supports your business needs by providing direct phone contact to its HR Advisers – the expert support you need to keep your business in compliance with the law.
  •, which allows 24/7 access to forms, checklists, and policies that are frequently updated to reflect changes to California employment law. subscriptions are also available.

The CalChamber Store offers an extensive selection of products such as posters, reference books, guides and online training that will help you complete HR tasks and comply with employment law requirements such as sexual harassment prevention.  CalChamber is the largest, broad-based business advocate, working at the state and federal levels to influence government actions affecting all California businesses. As a not-for-profit, we leverage our front-line knowledge of laws and regulations to provide affordable, easy-to-use compliance products and services.

Steps to use CalChamber Priority Code

Step 1 : Reveal the Codes

In the first step, customer should reveal the coupon code above to get the most recent or the available coupon code in the market. The customer will be launched to the first page of Look around a bit and see the instructions and learn more about it and and proceed to shop.

Step 2 : Select the products

There are various product options to choose for different subscription pacakages. Select the products This should be based on your needs. After the selection, click add to cart

Step 3: Checkout & Enter coupon

When arriving at checkout page. Customers will see the step in checking out from account details, billing details, shipping details ( we recommend to choose free shipping if the order is not to be rush ), shipping method, and order confirmation. At the order confirmation step, the customer needs to enter the obtained coupon from in the box that says “Discount Codes” or “Priority Code” and click apply. The discount will be appeared in this step and thus making sure that you use the right code!