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moto g 4g lte

Verizon Wireless Moto G 4G

Discount and promotions Officially, the ‘G’ in ‘Moto G’ is meaningless. Android fans have long speculated that it stands for ‘Google,’ ‘generation,’ or even ‘geek,’ but Motorola themselves say it…

lg flex 2 verizon

Verizon LG Flex 2

 Are they there?   Verizon will return to LG Flex 2. LG are back with a second iteration of their innovative curved screen device, this time touting genuine flagship specs…

LG G4 sprint

Sprint LG G4

Discount and Promotions LG G4 will be definitely available at Sprint Nextel and we believe there are discount and deals associated with it. Considering the cut your rate plan in…