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After we have had introduced Cheapcaribbean Promo Code and Cheap Caribbean All Inclusive Coupon in 2012, we have found out that there were many visitors and readers to did not successfully received and used the right coupon codes to activate discount at The reason was that, the company did not release much of the codes for everyone to use and that might have been because the price shown on the site has been extremely low. However, for the year 2013, will be gathering up more coupon codes and promotional codes for more as well as to present more contents about each travel places that are being offered by This will be including deals in 2013 and travel packages, all inclusive promotion, and so much more that has sent to us in every week.

Many people have been looking for Cheap Caribbean Promo Code 2013 but they need to know first what could be the best promo code during the year 2013 for them to use. In the past, had offered various coupon and promo codes for everyone through various coupon sites and one of them is We have been tracking down all those coupon codes and so we could summarize them as followed: The coupon codes come in the same use, which is the code to be used to get extra discount. The discount for will be deducted in extra beside the deal and promotion and it ranges from $50 OFF and $100. It is solely depended on of which code they will release. However, if you can’t find any codes, is already having its promotional plan in 2013 for the best internet rate ever, No hidden fees, $100 sunshine coupon, split deposit payment program, and much more. In order to see all coupon codes and promo codes from, see all of them below.


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Many of you have been looking for deals and promotion from in order to save on your travel plan to the Caribbean Sea booking hotels and flights with all inclusive prices. However, it could be great to firstly understand and to know what are the most popular places and islands that have attracted millions of tourists each year and so you can allocate your travel budget on the right island with your best choice from your research. That’s why we would also like to recommend everyone with the top 10 Cheap and or low price Caribbean travel places and so cut out some confusion as well as to save the budget in the end. Because there are too many islands and countries in the Caribbean Sea area and we have to choose wisely of what place to go and the smartest way is to look up from the top 10 list below:

Anguilla – It is the island lies in the middle of the sea and it is said to be one of the most romantic island in the world. The fantastic atmosphere from Anguilla such as the white sand and it is located in the middle of the Eden garden as well as the blue sky and mild blue sea with many underwater live. is also having hotels and resorts on this island for everyone to choose from.

Antigua – the meaning of this is the same as Antique coming from Spanish. This island is one of the most charming island in the Caribbean sea which is located in the West Indies. Antigua is the Spain Colony in the past and so the locals are speaking Spanish. The romantic feeling of this island has made many couple visit the place and arrange the wedding. This package is available in as packages for all inclusive.

British Virgin Islands – It is the group of islands that sit nearby each other and British Virgin Islands are one of the British Colony in the past that are located in the north east of Caribbean Sea. This island is famous in its fishing activities, sailing, and scuba diving.  A closer island to British Virgin islands is Bahamas Islands which is comparable to the British Virgin Islands in terms of popularity and beauty.

Curacao – This is the wealthiest island comparing to all other Caribbean Islands because the island has been gaining its incomes from the oil drilling and oil refinery. However, the oil business doesn’t make any changes to the fact the island is surrounded with underwater world and it is famous with its dolphins.

Dominican Republic – Many people knows Dominican Republic by its church which is Santa Maria Church (featured in many Hollywood movies). Dominican Republic has got what it takes to be the best island in the world because of the history of the island and the underwater life museum. The famous beach vacations in these islands are such as Punta Cana, Cabarete and the small islands such as Saona and Catalina.

Grenada Island – It is famous in its beaches and golden sands. The inner of this island is filled up with greenish trees and there are various types of flowers to see.

Jamaica – Not only taking rest and vacations in Jamaica, many people love the color of the sea of which no islands alike. We usually remember the color of the sea from many islands as blue and light blue with clear and see through. However, for Jamaica beaches and sea color is green. There are also many popular places such as the Dunn’s river fall where many tourist loves to go up to the top of the fall and look down from it.

St.Lucia – It is the island that is rich for both facilities such as hotels and other services as well as nature. It is the small island with very peaceful atmosphere. For those who loves to sail, we would recommend this island as the first choice.

St. Vincent and The Grenadines – Lots of people know this island as Kingstown, however, the real name of this island is the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Surprisingly, tourists won’t have any trouble talking to the local because the official language on this island is English. This island is located on the eastern of the Caribbean Sea that is connected to Atlantic Ocean.

Vieques Puerto Rico – It is a popular island because firstly, staying there for 10 days or more is not very expensive. The island was being used by US navy as the military base in the past. The low cost of living has attracted many tourists to visit this island and each time of visit, it could be more than 10 or more days.

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