CheapCaribbean Announced $699 OFF Paradise Island Resort

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Everyone will definitely know when someone “we had a vacation in Bahamas” and the first thing that pops up in their mind is the “paradise island”. Paradise Island is just another name for Bahamas because of the beauty of the beach, clear blue sky sea, and great hospitality of the local. Many people believe that staying for a week or so in paradise island can be very expensive for them and they try to avoid this island for another lower price ones in the Caribbean Sea. However, we have an option for them today so that they don’t have to turn away the great resorts and island that they wish to be once in their life.

cheapcaribbean deal on paradise island today, has announced one of the best all inclusive deal in 10 years on the all-included travel price to Bahamas, Paradise Island. The Live On Island Time deal is that, customers can take away $660 off from the staycation pricing at Comfort Suites resort and hotel for 4 nights with air included. The regular price of this resort for 4 nights is $1119, but now, the price has gone down more than half of the list price. This deal will not go live for more than 5 days and that’s because customers have only 4 days left to decide to purchase this deal. The only conditions are, customers need to travel between May 1st, 2013 and June 19th, 2013. The pricing is low enough and we need to inform the readers that there won’t be meals included in the package.

live on island time at cheapcaribbean

Now, Comfort Suites Paradise Island is not the only hero in this deal, but there are 3 others included in the deals of which are all coming from Atlantis Paradise Island by Customers can now take advantage of the discount from $539 up to $819 on all inclusive travel package at Atlantis hotels and resorts in Bahamas at Beach Tower, Coral Tower, and Royal Tower. All of the towers from Atlantis have been rated very high based on real customer’s experiences. Same thing for the regulation that, the discounted pricing for the 3 towers from Atlantis are not meal inclusive.

Based on the 2 group of deals from, we have to say that, customers can still take other benefits from the company and firstly the sunshine coupon for $100 when there’s any bad weather during the stay and so the company can return $100 off coupon as the credit. Customers can also find Cheapcaribbean promo code in since the company is also offering the promotion code for everyone to save in extra!

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