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If listing your chopper or bike is too complicated or to pricey, then can help, however, in order to get listed in this website, customers need to also pay for the 3 days, 3 months, or until sold according to the listing options. That’s why today, we would like to introduce the way to get extra discount on the paid listing by using ChopperExchange Coupon Code. The coupon code for is not available in many codes and the code that we’re having is to get extra discount of 10% off the registration price. Now that you know you can actually pay for the listing for 10% off, and why would you only go for 5 days or 30 days listing? See below the image illustrated the way to use Chopper Exchange Promo Code in the checkout page.

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Using 10% discount code or so called promo code for gives the customers with the benefit to jump from smaller listing option to the bigger one. While using promo code, we do not recommend the basic, standard, or premium but we do recommend to purchase the ULTIMATE listing option because the customers can upload unlimited photos, unlimited descriptions, video, homepage of the bike (can be facebook page), features, highlighted listing, showcase, and the most importantly, if the bike or chopper is not sold within 90 days, the customers will get their refund by calling the Chopper Exchange hot line within 12 months after the 90 days.

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Selling a bike, super bike, chopper, and even the bigger vehicles like cars or sports car is not a small matter because it involves so many things and factors in considering selling them. When the owner tries to sell the chopper or bike, for the old traditional way, if they’re not going for the bike’s dealer or the workshop, they can put their advertisement in the newspaper in classified section and start to put the descriptions of the chopper in. On the other hands, they can just park their chopper or bike in the place where they can rent out to be visible to the people passing by which increase the opportunity to sell them. Those are the old ways of selling a bike or chopper, but today, we have something more. Internet and websites have been used very heavily to cut out the middlemen and the broker allowing the real owner to honestly put their bikes into the classified sections of a particular website. This has made it easier, visible, and more convenience for the buyers to contact the owner directly. There are different types of website to put the ads in and that’s why today we would like to put some guides to the readers on how they can sell their bike through the internet.

Listing Your Chopper / Bike


  • Own blog/website – Bike and Chopper owners can also build their own blog or website promoting them in the search engine and waiting for their websites to be found. This way, a person needs to have a certain knowledge on how to build a website and promote them in the search engine. This method takes a lot of time and effort and so it is not recommended for a person wants to sell the chopper very quickly. However, on the other hands, it is recommended for the owners that have more than 2-3 choppers because firstly, there are so many stories to tell in the blog/websites and so they might become the dealer by themselves.
  • Social Network – Everyone knows facebook, twitter, instagram, and other social network, and many people have utilized the network pretty nicely. Some registered one account as for commercial purpose only and some make it very casual. The chopper owners can actually post their classified in the social network like and twitter in order to increase the chance to sell their choppers and whatever vehicles they own. This method is free but it has a lot of limitations such as the people who would see the classified would only be the person’s friend. However, it is depended by chance that their friends would share it to other friends.
  • Classified forum/bike and chopper forum – One of the quickest way to sell bike and chopper is to enter the community where people are discussing problems, solutions, tips and tricks, and also the buying and selling of chopper and bikes online. In this, the owners have their chance to become the member to post their advertisement in the forum. However, the disadvantage of this is, there are so many owners posting their ads at the same time and when the owner’s post is not updated, there are huge chance of being pushed back to other pages.
  • Shopping Site for Free/Paid Service – Some shopping websites allow the owners to post the ads for a certain amount of money for the advertisement fees. This way, buyers who look for chopper and bike will go right into the Motoring category to see the ad. The problem for this is the expiration date of the ad and the buyer will usually be overburdened for too many ads at the same time and thus the chance of selling is lower.
  • Paid business directory This works just like the shopping website, but in this, the chopper owners must have their own website to be left in the directory. Some directories are free, but some aren’t. There’s no guarantee in this paid business listing or whatsoever that the owner can effectively sell their choppers.
  • Paid & Guarantee Service Portal – The paid and guarantee chopper and bikes combines everything in one and it is the new era and the newest way to sell choppers and bikes online. The owner will just have to enter their chopper information, price, description, and other details and pay for the listing services. This paid and guarantee service portal will guarantee that the chopper will be sold within 90 days or money back which is really safe for the owners. The example of this website is


ChopperExchange is an online classifieds website for new and pre-owned American V-twin motorcycles. Since 1999, ChopperExchange has helped thousands of individuals and dealers buy and sell their motorcycles. Website users receive full access to the most extensive online classifieds of more than 10,000 new and pre-owned American V-twin motorcycles available for sale.

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