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Going to Church

Many working people will usually pay a visit to church when they are available for both protestant and Christian which is on Sunday and Saturday. Some go for pray and listen to what the father has to say and most people they will go to church when they want to be in the Sacrament. It is good to know for people that what they should wear to Church but that is no trouble at all since we have to take care but we might want to focus on what are the types of sacrament available at the church. There are 7 types of major sacrament so called “The Seven Sacraments” that all Christian and Protestant should know as followed

  • Baptism – It is the beginning point of those who started to believe in the church and in the religion. This Sacraments is specifically for both children and adult to wipe away the sin since born. Baptism Sacrament is related to the use of water to wash away the bad things and it is the first step of entering the world of the church
  • Confirmation – The Sacrament that will confirm as the sign of true believer and faith of the person toward the Christian or Protestant and church. The person that can do this has become strongly believe in god and church.
  • Eucharist – The Sacrament which is considered the center of the teaching that require bread and grape wine to become part of Jesus Christ.
  • Penance – It is the confession that we see in the movie to let the people that a person know to forgive showing empathetic and return to enjoy the new life in the hands of god.
  • Anointing of the sick – It is the Sacrament that focus on the patients who is a bad condition to cheer them up building the belief and supportive strength and to rehabilitate the mind
  • Martrimony – It is the Sacrament to announce a good relationship between men and women in front of god.
  • Ordination – This is the Sacrament that show the devotion to god with the mission as ordained minister representing the Christianity of the Christ and the person will watch over the Christians for all time.

The Church

nice church from tripadvisor

Church image from tripadvisor

In Christian and Protestant, church means the house of god which is being built for people to come visit god and as the place to conduct all type of Sacrament to show royalty to god. Christians will always remember that they are part of god population and the reason to come to church is because they are son of god. There is also a greek name as Ekklesia which is the same as the Latin word Ecclesia with the meaning “the one being called” to gather or to be together. This is the meaning of word church. Now, it is also good to know the elements of church that are standard compartment for every churches.

  1. Church Courtyard – It is quite necessary for church that has enough land to build. The courtyard is the first sign of welcoming everyone to the church. Sometimes, the church courtyard is working as the connector from the outside and inside of the church to make it looks as comfort as possible
  2. Atrium or Nathex and Church Door – Walking to the church building, a person needs to pass through Atrium or Nathex as the welcome sign just like mother is welcoming children to the house. The door should be big enough to also accommodate a large group of people such as the parade.
  3. Bell Tower or Bell – In constructing the church, it is mandatory to think about the bell and bell tower to call in son of god to join in the church. It is almost forbidden to use amplifier or speaker as the bell noise instead of the real bell.
  4. Statue – To go along with the old tradition, portrait and statue of Jesus Christ and other saints are being worshipped in the church and this is the standard for all churches.
  5. Holy Water Font – It is the holy water bowl that the priest has prayed and did some ceremony by using cross. This is another standard item in the church as well.
  6. Stations of the cross –It could be the 14 stations of the cross or the cross only decorated in the church.
  7. Sacred Furnishings – Mostly used in the sacred ceremony which is also called holy furnishing.
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