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corel welcome creative cloud users

Today, has aggressively released its promotion for those who dislike creative cloud. Since the beginning of 2012, Adobe had run its aggressive marketing campaign that turn customers from purchasing single software license with perpetual rights to subscription based called “ Creative Cloud ”, there are enormous feedback from the users and of course there are people who love it and people who dislike it. The love is totally on the features of the creative cloud as well as the exclusive features plus the ability to download everything from A-Z that are available in Creative Cloud as well as getting free update and upgrade whenever there’s the new version release. However, not all users are the same, because some users, they disagree with the new model to force customers to pay monthly for a year in order to get access to creative cloud (See more at Adobe Box VS Creative Cloud). That’s why Corel software publisher to take this opportunity to gain those customers and would like to warm welcome them into its new promotional campaign. There are 2 new promotions exclusively for those who want to look for alternative to Creative Cloud Subscription from Adobe and that’s why Corel releases these:

Free Trial

Today, the graphic designers and video makers can find the new way of work with cheaper price to creative cloud by releasing the free trial promotion for 30 days on any comparable products to Adobe Software. This means that every single software listed here is good for free trial with no obligations and no credit card required to download the trial for free.

free trial promotion for CS useres

Upgrade Promotions

From this, customers who have been using Adobe Creative Suite 4 onward, with limited time promotion, they can purchase the upgrade with special offer for Corel software with the following instructions. These offer will be expired on August 30th, 2013 only.

  1. You must first purchase the Upgrade version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, Painter 12, PaintShop Pro X5, VideoStudio Pro X6 or AfterShot Pro.
  2. To validate your Corel Upgrade software purchase and begin using your product, you will need to complete an online application form so we can quickly confirm your eligibility for this offer. It’s important that you provide both your new Corel serial number as well as the information about your Adobe product in order to prove eligibility. To validate your Corel purchase, please complete the online application at
  3. You will receive an email with instructions on how to install your product.

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