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Students and Teachers Save 60% OFF

Adobe creative cloud is the cloud based software that is now getting popular worldwide. Many adobe users from other countries are now looking for the creative cloud to subscribe for both businesses and education sector as they have realized the reasons to subscribe to creative cloud. Adobe has been promoting creative cloud since from the start in 2012 because the company knows that, this is the new era of how people use the software that they can truly download the full version from the cloud based on the software that they need each. For business and individual subscriptions, there are so many options for them go for such as Adobe Creative Cloud Complete, where users can have unlimited download on any software, Single App, the users choose to download only one application. The question is, what is the plan for students and teachers? Will the price be the same? Will the students and teachers be able to use somewhat Adobe Creative Cloud educational discount tier? By this, is having all of the answers, analysis, and comparison on these plans precisely and so students and teachers can get their piece of mind subscribing to creative cloud educational plans. The pricing of Creative Cloud Plans for students and teachers seems to be very closed to the price for individual and commercial version but the pricing for educational purpose is one step down from the other versions. It also has full functionality that is the same as the individual and team version. So literally, everything else is the same but the pricing is more generous.
Adobe Creative Cloud offer


How Do I Get Discount?

Every type of customers such as individual, business, and education has its own way to receive discount from The most popular way and the most seek for is Adobe Promotional Code that is usually being used in shopping cart to activate discount. However for adobe creative cloud for education or for students and teachers, the discount is automatically applied right before the payment page or checkout. The pricing for adobe creative cloud for students are in 2 tiers. The first tier is the unlimited download for one student or one teacher only which is $19.99 per month. Comparing to individual price for commercial at $49.99 per month, and it is about 60% off. Another pricing model is the adobe creative cloud for education team that requires administrator to monitor the access by seat. This model works just like group buying that the users from given institution can have full version of every application plus 100GB of cloud storage plus full access to services. Besides, one user will be referred as one seat and so they have 2 expert services call per seat to support the team member. The team pricing for education if for $39.99 per month comparing to the complete team for business or commercial purpose at $69.99 per month which is about 43% off from the normal price. Now, we can see that students and teachers edition for creative cloud has major benefits on pricing and storage size that is worth going for when there’s any team would like to form up and purchase in one time.

Is $19.99 / Month Forever?

The answer is no, because Adobe has been running and promoting to help people especially students to switch from Creative Suite 6 products to cloud as it is more convenient, more powerful, and the education sector can have more chance to increase their experience by trying Adobe products with unlimited access. The price for education store for $19.99 per month will be charged fully for the first year, but for next year, we would have to see how much the price would change but it is a possibility that adobe might not increase the price too much for educational stores. Now, what do we expect from Adobe Creative Cloud plans for education for the next year after the $19.99 has been handled in the first year? We expect that Adobe might increase the subscription price a little but the increasing of the price won’t be higher than those of plans for individuals and plans for teams and business because most of Adobe software pricing for educational store is usually 60% lesser than those of individuals and businesses. However, the students and teachers will also be getting lots and lots of update and new products in their subscriptions.

What’s include in Creative Cloud?

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