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adobe creative cloud 2013 discount

Getting huge discount on creative cloud subscriptions, getting creative cloud for teams, teachers & students discount? We have heard a lot of news since the starting of 2012 about creative cloud with its opening prices as well as the reduced price and most of us can get confused about the pricing. Adobe has been releasing monthly promotions on Adobe Creative Cloud, and every time it does, there are new ways of subscribing, getting start with the subscription for free, discount for UK customers, and more. Today, would like to wrap it up and tell everyone what are the existing plans and pricings, so that future subscribers could have their clearer directions. However, before going to the plans, the readers need to know what capability, creative suite software, and benefits are inside creative cloud.
It’s the ability to use all of Adobe’s best products and latest products for a low monthly price. You get:

  • All of the Adobe Creative Suite 6 software products – This includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and more!
  • Access to Adobe Edge Tools & Services, this is a new feature for creative cloud users that has just added in the late 2012
  • 20 GB of cloud storage for users to upload their works in to the virtual storage just like apple icloud
  • Exclusive features and product updates as soon as they are available. Once the new feature is updated, with the special cloud capabilities, users can get them at once.

Price and Plans

creative cloud pricing and plans 2013

  • $49.99/month for the Complete Creative Cloud (requires annual commitment). This option is opened for creative cloud customers who are not the current customers of any Adobe products and thus, they need to handle extra cost.
  • $29.99/month for the first year (40% off) if you are an existing CS customer (requires CS3 or later serial number & annual commitment). For those who are current customers of any Adobe products, they can, get almost half off the subscription per month for the first year of subscription
  • $29.99/month discounted pricing for Students & Teachers (institutional affiliation required). Adobe would like to help to build up a better choice for students and teachers and so they don’t need to pay as high as the commercial version. However, students and teachers subscription option has the same capabilities and functions as commercial version.
  • $49.99/$69.99 per seat options for teams which give you added storage, centralized billing and administration, and up to 2 expect services calls per seat (see site for details).
  • Chances to use Creative Cloud Promo Code, Students and Teachers as well as commercial licenses have their opportunity to look for the special Adobe promo code to reduce the subscription price in

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