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If you’re a student aboard in UK or you are native UK people who live and study in United Kingdom, then, you need to read this. Today has announced in the Adobe UK store about the new sensational price and promotions that students can save on their limitless creativity with the current creative cloud promotion for a year. This is because is offering another 30% discount on top of the already very low price of £22.46 which has made the subscription price comes down to £15.88 per month only! Now, looking at the adobe creative cloud new low price for the history, it doesn’t really attractive when we are looking at this for a month of which only about £7 has been taken out. However, it is the discount for first year or first 12 months. This means that students can save about £84 per year which is a very large number of discount for cloud subscriptions and it is probably the lowest price in the industry! See messages below from UK Store.

Limited time, get Creative Cloud for £15.88 (standard price £22.46)!
Unlimited Creativity. Sensational Price.
Get Creative Cloud for the first 12 month at £15.88/ month incl. VAT.
But Hurry, offer only valid until 11th March 2013

Also, UK is not the only country in Europe that gain this benefits from the new low price for creative cloud, but there are other countries like Germany and France. For students in France, they can also pay for 19,99€ per month, and about the same price in Germany. May we remind the readers again that these are the limited time offer and it is specially built for students and teachers only.

Why Creative Cloud?

Why creative cloud when I have other most recent CS6 or CS6.5 and even CS7 products from Adobe? The next question is, why do I need to subscribe to creative cloud and pay Adobe monthly instead of buying the creative suites and own the license? Well, if you have these questions, you are certainly not knowing the benefits and probably have not studied the subscription well enough to know what’s good in the subscription. Paying only about a little over 100 pounds, franc, dollars, and other currencies per year, the creative cloud subscribers will be able to download single creative suite software to be used on their computers and work just like they are buying the full license. The subscriber gets the exclusive software update such as they can get the newest version and update on the certain CS product as soon as they’re updated right from the adobe developer room. The subscribers can download the creative suite software as often as they like to do and they still can pay for the same subscription prices. The users can open and widen their imaginations on the other adobe software that they have never used before as well. Below are the conclusions of the benefits in subscribing creative cloud today.

  • All of the Adobe Creative Suite 6 software products – This includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and more!
  • Access to Adobe Edge Tools & Services, this is a new feature for creative cloud users that has just added in the late 2012
  • 100 GB of cloud storage for users to upload their works in to the virtual storage just like apple icloud
  • Exclusive features and product updates as soon as they are available. Once the new feature is updated, with the special cloud capabilities, users can get them at once.

New Pricing Updates

  • Education Versions only
  • Annual Contract required. Prices per month.
  • North America: $19.99 vs. $29.99
  • Europe: €16.25 vs. €24.99
  • United Kingdom: £ 15.88 vs. £ 22.46
  • France: 19,99€ vs. 30,74€
  • Germany: €19,99 vs. €30,74
  • Australia/New Zealand: A$14.99 vs. A$24.99

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