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Service: Credit Reporting & Repair
Promotion: $50 OFF
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Package: Concord Premier, Concord Standard, Lexington Regular
In this Issue: is your assistant to help you out in any credit reporting and repair matter with the reasonable price in offering services to everyone. With only one person tight-up with works, working ways out of the bad credit list won’t be effective enough, Lexington Law is the expert in its field helping everyone who wants to see their credit result and to get away from the bad credit item by simply selecting ones that everyone wants to be removed and that’s the only afford from the client side.  During Year 2012, Lexington Law had helped to remove over 2.5 millions bad credit items for customers in United states.

In order to get started with, customers need to firstly register with this legal company at to fill in personal information such as first name, last name, day time phone, states, and more. Then the customers will be taken to the service selection to select the best service that suites their monthly capability. Please note that, there are some promotion which is ongoing at the website to cover everyone in the family. The customers can choose to sign up with family and household member to get extra $50 off and this discount will be applied to all of the family members. This means that, if the customers sign up for Lexington Law for 4 individual members, and they can get $200 off from total order. No matter what promotion is, after the personal information has been filled-in, they would need to select the service that they feel most suitable for them such as Concord, Lexington Regular, Quickstart, First work fee.

  • Concord Premier Service ($99.95/Month)– This is the service that Lexington Law would recommend to get starte with because it helps all the clients to see the factors affecting the credit score and usually, the customers who had used this service before would usually see faster credit repair result. This package includes the credit score improvement analysis, inquiryassist, reportwatch, debt validation, TransUnion Credit Monitoring, Debt Validation, Goodwill Interventions, and Access to Paralegals for help with case.
  • Concord Standard ($79.95/Month) – This service is the standard version of the concord premier service that allows the customers to handle lower monthly service but it comes with fewer helps. The package contains goodwill interventions, escalated information requests, debt validation, credit bureau challenges, and access to paralegals for help with case.
  • Lexington Regular ($59.95/Month) – This is one of the most affordable credit repair package with 2 elements in helping the customers to get through their bad days which are Credit Bureau Challenges and access to paralegals for help with case.



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Now you know all of the packages from, once signed up with any package, Lexington Law will charge the first payment from the customers and it is the quickstart charge. QuickStart – the easiest way to start the case with. By starting to send in Transunion credit report that will be loaded automatically into Lexington Law system. Once the quickstart process is done, there will be the first work fee which will be charged once the work on the credit is started. Everyone can see that, Lexington Law charges customers by the work done and not the whole amount when the work has not yet to be started.

Credit Bureau and Black List

We believe that there are a lot of people who have heard about this and some know the meaning of it, some don’t, and some are stuck in between the 2 words within the real situation they are experiencing. Now, we want everyone to know a bit more to feel the differences and way to stay away from this.

Credit Bureau – It is the report of 12-24 months latest credit report. This means that no matter if a person pays the debt according to the timeline or not, the credit report from Credit Bureau will be displayed. This report will be directly affected the request for loans, house mortgages, and other inquiries a person is requesting to the bank or financial institutions. If a person is default during the period, then this will definitely affects the loans and as the result credit scores. In order to solve bad credits, a person need to make the payment on-time and he/she needs to stick to the payment schedule during the 12-24 months period. Once the payment seems to be of good quality due to on-time schedule, then the credit score will be improved. This is the point where many people are stuck with bad credit from credit bureau because 12-24 months period is a long period and most of the times, they need to be fixed before the 24 period ends.

Black List – The black list is the list which is full of people who have bad credit records from credit bureau. The status of the balcklister will be just like the bad image that will never move. Because, Credit Bureau keeps all the record from the financial institution’s member, this means that once someone is in the blacklist, they tend to be stuck in the list forever except with the help from the credit reporting and repair company like Lexington law.

About Lexington Law

Lexington Law is the trusted leader in Credit Repair. The company has been helping consumers take action on their credit reports since 1991. they have served over 2.5+ million clients and have led to the removal of millions of questionable items from their credit reports. They are a law firm that complies with the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), and because of this the company recommend those who are in the problem of low credit scores, high debt, bankruptcy or other financial trouble that would prevent them for qualifying for a loan.

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  1. Jerry

    I can’t believe all the pepole that think credit repair is a scam. Credit repair is 100% legal & possible; it is a lot of credit repair co. that are deceptive scammers. You can repair your credit yourself or hire a reputable co. Go to the boards there will give you great advice on how to do it yourself or Sleb Credit Solutions website will give you tips info on what to look for in a reputable credit repair co info on how to do it yourself. To the naysayers who don’t know what they are talking about, I have seen credit repair work things be removed. You have the right under the FCRA (fair credit reporting act) to dispute items on your credit reports. If they can’t be verified, they are removed. A lot of times when you do a dispute online w/the credit bureaus, they will just delete items disputed w/out even taking the time to verify (just being honest). If it doesn’t get removed the 1st time, dispute by mail persistence will pay off. If the listing is in compliance is verifiable the sol hasn’t expired, you can negotiate/mediate w/the creditor to resolve the listing, 1st make them provide verification (you are entitled to proof of your alleged debt, ask for the records). Credit repair works great if done correctly, and has helped many pepole. In today’s economic crash, pepole are using credit repair (or doing it themselves)more than ever. Don’t choose a co. showing the BBB logo or claiming to be an accredit member of the BBB, b/c they are misleading you lying. B/c there are so many deceptive credit repair co. the BBB will not allow cr co. to be members, you can still check the BBB to see if they have any complaints against them. The credit repair industry has a bad rep b/c there are so many deceptive co./lawyers that are scammers. Credit repair isn’t magic doesn’t happen overnight, but you can start seeing results w/in 45 to 60 days, depending on how much you have that needs to be removed or resolved, it can be done in 4-12 mths. Sometimes sooner, but no co. can guarantee how long it will take. A lot of co. will drag out the process to keep collecting your monthly pymt. Sleb’s goal is to get the job done as quickly as possible, but we don’t promise a time-frame. Good luck! If you want to go to you will find info there, you can call me I will be happy to give you advice. (the boards) you can ask ? get advice see what worked for others.

  2. Dico

    Mark E / September 14, 2011How to Start a Credit Repair BusinessHelping others fix their criedt history and get a new head start in their life is rewarding in many senses. While it’s true that whatever you do could be done by the clients themselves, most people don’t want to deal with the aggravation of talking to the criedt bureau to fight changes and correct mistakes. This is where you come in as a middle man.Set up a Credit Repair Company in Five Easy StepsStep1Get a copy of your own criedt report to study. You are entitled to one free copy a year, and there are three major criedt bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.Step2Learn as much as you can about the industry. You may be able to find free eBooks on the topic online or contact local banks for free workshops on how to repair criedt. Also, consider talking to accountants and other experts that can guide you through the process as you start your business.Step3Contact local criedt bureaus and criedt reporting agencies to learn how to request reports and access information.Step4Understand your role in the process. Once you obtain the criedt report, you can then work with the client to correct any mistakes, acting as the intermediate between them and the criedt bureau.Step5Consider a franchise. Companies such as Credit Repair Business offer you the chance to get started with no money down and receiving extras such as a laptop, a free website, a criedt coach and clients (see Resources below). This is a good idea if you have no previous experience and want a guiding hand through the process.Reply