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When trying to place an order at DHgate.com and everyone will be looking for this “DHgate coupon codes” or discount codes and other mean of promotional codes in order to activate more discount from purchasing anything from the store. Whether you’re resellers, wholesalers, or a customer trying to order a single item from the website, then, you can be one of thousands that save by using coupon codes at DHgate.com today. The good news is, stepcoupons.com is holding and having these coupon codes from DHgate.com and we have been trying to gather DHgate coupon codes from both the company itself and other coupon sites. Since from the past, DHgate has been distributing the coupon codes for everyone after they have made the first purchase, DHcoupon is offered by DHgate.com and applicable only to categories mentioned in the coupon detail and the seller coupon is offered by DHgate seller and applicable only to orders from the specific seller. In order to use coupon code for DHgate.com that might help to save up to 50% off, the buyers need to enter them in the shopping cart illustrated below.

using dhgate coupon code

using dhgate coupon code only at “pay your order page”



Normally, the coupon codes from DHgate.com is for getting discount on all items in the cart in percentage. However, many people might also be looking for coupon codes for free shipping. However, we have to say that DHgate.com has rarely issued free shipping coupon and that’s because some items in the site is already eligible for free shipping and there’s no code required.

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its amazing
Nov 02, 2014 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

It worked hshsjjdhdh. Jdhdusudyeyehd. Bddushdhd

Saved $10
Oct 31, 2014 by Anonymous

All is good, save $10 on my thanksgiving order

What is the coupon code?
Oct 30, 2014 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: I could not find it 

So, what is the coupon code? I do not see any code, number, letters or words. Does any want knows that? Could you share it?

Aug 14, 2014 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: NO 


$20 Off
Mar 30, 2014 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

It worked out great. I was a little skeptical about ordering but i gave it a shot and found some coupons that worked.

Mar 18, 2014 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: NO 

i spend almost 5000.00 on dhgate and no one gave me any coupon and iam not a retail store this is just perdonal use

**the email address has been removed

Saved $5 on my small order
Jan 17, 2014 by Anonymous

Better than nothing I guess! No other sites have active coupon, thanks!

$20 off my order
Jan 10, 2014 by Anonymous

this code is great for my small order but they should consider a bigger coupon code for larger order. Thanks!

Saved $20
Dec 19, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

I was skeptic but the code worked!

Thank you!

Saved $35
Dec 03, 2013 by Anonymous

You guys are the best! I saved on my order. Thanks!

Oct 09, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: No 

I tryed to use all of these coupons,they don't work

Saved $20 on my ORDER!
Sep 13, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: WORKED AS GOOD AS HE** 

Placed my order for electronic sections for $325, got $20 off. This is never before! Thanks!

good stuff
Aug 19, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Not yet 

it was good. I love the selection and the bench jackets are adorable.

Aug 13, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

saved 14 USD on my order of a prom dress!

Saved $14 Today!!
Aug 08, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

Thanks Stepcoupons I saved on my bulk jewelry orders of $200.

Stepcoupons.com California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 3.5 5.0 20 20 It worked hshsjjdhdh. Jdhdusudyeyehd. Bddushdhd

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About DHgate.com

200 years ago, someone asked can people fly across the world? Then, we have the airplane to serve everyone and today, every can fly. 50 Years ago, people asked if there would be any type of communication that can people could talk personally, seeing faces, and motion with people from the other end? And they have the real-time face phone today. About 10 years ago, someone dared to ask if a business can do international trade without leaving their home?

goods are sent through the drop shipper

At Dhgate.com, they have the e-commerce specialist team that work together to deliver the ultimate tool for small businesses around the world. By visiting dhgate.com, customers can access with over 300,000 China’s best manufacturers and wholesalers. There are 1.5 millions buyers that are currently using Dhgate.com as their main merchandise ordering channel in order to complete simple, secure, and successful transaction online. DHgate.com has partnered with leading payment channel namely VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Moneybookers, Bank Transfer Worldwide, and Western Union altogether with responsive team of customer’s service with international wholesales with China has never been easier. Resellers and the ultimate customers can find everything at DHgate.com from electronics, cell phones, cameras, cosmetics, apparel, accessories, and much more. With over 20 millions product listing from 4,000 product categories, DHgate.com is the ideal solution for low cost products for sales. From all over china, suppliers, and all corners of the world by air, sea, and land, DHgate.com is the truly a power sourcing that everyone should look for today.

Getting to Know Drop Shipping Business

It is the business trend for website owners in the past few years and it has grown by the numbers and the business expansion and it is called Drop Shipping. The drop shipping business is one of the most popular and eye catching business nowadays. In the past, the consumers and resellers had found it very difficult to place the order for the merchandise they look for. It takes a very long time for the reseller, wholesalers, or customers to find the manufacturers and it could takes months or years for the 2 parties to understand each other and have the mutual agreement due to the different in languages and business models. That’s why today we have the service which is called drop shipping or drop shipper.

how drop shipping works

how drop shipping works

Drop Shipper is working as the middlemen to take the order from the wholesalers, resellers, and ultimate customers from the online channel with the list of manufacturers for the products in hands. Once the order is made through the wholesalers and resellers or whoever place them, the drop shipper will process the order through the manufacturers and the manufacturers will either ship to drop shipper or directly to the customers. Now, we could know more about the advantages of using Drop Shipping service.

Advantages of using drop shipper


  • Save Time – For wholesalers, resellers, and buyers, have you ever experienced the merchandises are running low on your end? You don’t have enough time to make contact with the manufacturers to replenish your stocks? Of course, every business has been through this. With drop shipper service, you can just place the order through online and wait for them to ship the products to your company. This save a lot of time in negotiations and so on since the drop shippers will usually have their terms as the basic agreement, there’s no need to bargain.
  • Save Money – Because there are no such things as “We need to fly there and talk to the manufacturers” or “We need to fly and have a meeting with the buyer”, the online drop shipper has cut a tremendous cost of business transaction by only have the website right there for the buyer to go though the buying process. Now, how do you save more money on them? Because the transaction costs have been lowered by dozens, then, the merchandise cost will become a lot cheaper as well. Also, buying bulk purchase at drop shipper website can generate more quantity discount, royalty bonus, and so on for the buyer.
dispute between factory and buyers

Dispute between factory and buyers in the past


  • Much Safer – In the past, dealing directly with the factory has been a pain in the butt, because it is quite difficult to deal with the factory without the sales department, the shipment could be incomplete, the merchandise could be damaged, missing, lost, and etc. and the factory won’t be able to guarantee for anything. However, with the drop shipping business placed in the middle of it, it helps business transaction, claiming, refunds, return, trade credit, and more become easier and safer because you will always have someone to responsible for the loss.
  • More Variety – We know that most buyers are not only selling one or two items at the store or with the customers. They will always have so many SKU in stocks for selling purpose. In the past, the buyers need to purchase from many factories but with the drop shippers, they can order everything from one place with one single order, the drop shipper will handle the rest of the trouble.

Where are drop shippers usually located?

Drop shippers can locate anywhere in the world in the business district. Some choose to be in the country where the original production of the products are made to be easier to contact and talk to the factory for negotiations and so on. That’s why the drop shippers usually have 2 offices, one in the targeting countries, and one nearby the factory. The country that these drop shippers are usually be from are such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, and wherever nearby the original production sites.