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For those looking for coupon codes and discount codes for, they need to know that the company does not usually release that many coupon codes to use because the company has been guaranteed that the price for the ultimate customers are already Absolutely Lowest Price that can be compared anywhere. However, when the coupon code is being used, similar to other stores, it can be used to reduce the price of almost everything such as the wound care products, ostomy supplies, diabetic supplies, incontinence, personal care, rehab or pain management, daily living aids, orthopedics, and other level 2 medical supplies for ordinary people. Also, for practitioners, can offer a deeper level of medical supplies such as the office and treatment supplies, catheters urology supplies, respiratory supplies, diagnostics, mobility aids, and ostomy supplies.


The company is run by professional which is a physician-operated medical equipment and supply company that offer medical supplies for both the public and practitioners. The company always guarantee that everyone will get the best price which is the lowest price possible. The company has price matching policies and so when anyone finding any better price than those offered in, the company will match it up. The company also offers customers with free shipping nationwide for all order of $200 above.

The Medical Supplies

We believe that when someone say “Medical Supplies” the first thing that come across is the medicines, pills, antibiotics, and so on, but at the matter of fact, the medical supplies are available in many types. It is forbidden for any drug companies to sell prescription medicine throughout the internet but there are non-prescription medicine which are allowed to be sold. The FDA in United States do not allow to sell any types of drugs and medicine over the internet because it exposes to risk of seriously affect the health of the consumers and also it leads to other bad consequences. However, what we’re going to talk about today is not about the medical supplies in the bad types but we’re talking about medical supplies as tools for internal and external use for the patient and people who can use at home.

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Then, What is Medical Supplies?

The medical supplies means the tools and equipment that can be used by the physicians, doctors, and even with the patient such as needle, syringe, catheter, gloves, and others. The medical supplies are not drugs and medicines. The Medical supplies can also means the tools in the labs, dental tools, and chemical tools and the lower level means of medical supplies are also the bandages, cotton, stitching needle, weir, and so on. Medical supplies are the supplies that helps to rehabilitate the patient or the person who’s having sickness and it is the matter of life and death of the person. It is so much different from the consumer products which is very much different from the other types of supplies that are not necessary in the living of the person and not directly affecting the quality of life. Nowadays, the transportations and made available for medical supplies for patients are very critical because the lateness or disqualified medical supplies can lead to the casualties of the people who are in trouble. This includes the way the healthcare center, doctors, nurses, and people who are in health profession career to keep and maintain these medical supplies with safe and care because these supplies mean the life of the people receiving treatment.

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electrodes as one of practitioner’s medical supplies at

That’s why medical supplies is a no joke supplies that has to be controlled, kept, and taken care of better than any other types of supplies, to watch out the quality changing, the expiry date, and the delivering of the supplies. Some medical supplies are sensitive to heat and sunlight as well as the humidity level. Neglecting on the quality control starting from the transportation could means disaster for the patient and people receiving medical care.

Medical Supplies Category 2

The Medical Supplies are also being categorized in the level for both caregivers, patients, public, and also for practitioners and the medical supplies in the 2nd categories will only be distributed to the non practitioners only. Of course, when they are allowed to be sold to the non-practitioners, the level of dangerous and risk in using them is also very low and so, the medical supplies in the level 2 categories are such as those daily living aids, personal care, rehab and pain management products, would care, incontinence, diabetic supplies, medical tools for massage, fitness tools, bedding tools, and nutrition and supplementary products. The example of medical supplies in the second category are such as the staff, the weir, gauze and bandages, would sanitizers, and so on.

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