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The Cheapest Discovery Cove Orlando All Inclusive Deal
There are 2 options for you to get the best price for Discovery Cove all-inclusive stay, swim, and play. The Dolphin Swim for both high and low season and Non-Dolphin Swim. We have the best price from to introduce the lowest price and admission deals for staying and swimming altogether with enjoying the wildlife in the Discovery Cove that has so many sections such as SeaVenture, The Grand Reef, Dolphin Lagoon, Serenity Bay, Wind-Away River, Explorer’s Aviary, Freshwater Oasis. Of course, you can actually reserve the tour and stay directly at and you might want to try to find Discovery Cove promotion cove to have your stay even cheaper. By starting to choose the calendar to view available packages up to 2 months at the time so you can choose the best price and date for your visit for the Dolphin Swim Day Resort Package (swim with the dolphin), Day Resort Package (non-dolphin swimming), and SeaVenture. Also, at, you can at the matter of fact, if you’re Florida Residents, you can get special offer for Florida Residents with pricing starting lower than non-Florida Residents. You can always find out below the best deal for Discovery Cove all-inclusive day getaway on the beach. However, if you don’t want to swim with the Dolphin, you will still have your way to experience Seaworld Orlando and Aquatica for 14 days.   See Below the pricing for Discovery Cove Stay which is much cheaper than booking directly at .

discovery cove special pricing

Price is at $226 (dolphin swim at Bestoforlando), while offers at $259

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Awesome Price!
Sep 03, 2013 by Anonymous

My reservation is even cheaper than booking directly at California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 My reservation is even cheaper than booking directly at
Some Terms to Know Before Going

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  • Reserved dolphin swim experiences. Children must be at least 6 years old to swim with dolphins. Children ages 6-12 must be accompanied by a paying adult who also participating in the dolphin swim experience
  • Visitors will be getting breakfast and lunch as well as non-stop snacks plus drinks all day
  • Don’t have to bring your snorkel gear, visitors will get swimsuits, locker, sunscreen, showers, changing room and more as complimentary from Discovery Cove.
  • Visitors can get unlimited access to Grand Reef, Serenity Bay, Explorer’s Aviary and Wind Away River
  • Please look at the pricing carefully, it might change during your confirmation on the reservations.
  • Booking at, visitors can add upgrade their pass to visit Busch Gardens, Tampa to your package.
  • Want to help protect some of the very animals you experience at the park? By supporting the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, you’re helping save species, protect habitats and rescue at-risk animals, with 100 percent of your donation going directly to the conservation efforts in the U.S. and around the world. This can be donated in

A Great Idea for Discovery Cove

For all inclusive stay and educative way of staying in Discovery Cove, it focuses on dolphin and underwater Wildlife-based tours in marine and coastal areas provide a range of psychological, educational and conservation benefits for visitors encountering marine.
The focus is on non-consumptive, free-ranging marine wildlife tourism where visitors can view, photograph, feed, and swim with, or assist in research on, marine animals in their natural habitats. Other broader participants include the marine tour operators such as the discovery cove, coastal and island communities in marine areas and people watching and enjoying marine wildlife and/or tourists. Most research on marine wildlife tourism addresses environmental impacts on sea animals, industry compliance with codes of conduct and managing visitor interactions with marine species. There are various theme park that focus on tourist experiences of marine and coastal wildlife in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and western Canada/USA and in the United States, the most popular one has been the Discovery Cove in Orlando. The tourists will usually benefits and gain knowledge, promoting attitude shifts and lifestyle changes. In addition, both on-site and longer-term conservation behaviours that benefit marine wildlife and marine environments need to be explored. Because dolphin tours and marine tours conveys an array of beak and dorsal fin shapes and coloration; the Northern Right Whale Dolphin is the only species that lacks a dorsal fin. Small beaked dolphins can be further grouped by habitat and habits. Pacific White-sided Dolphins are strongly associated with cold, temperate ocean waters.

discovery cove swim with dolphins

Kids and Parents Swimming with Dolphin at Discovery Cove

What Do you Get From Discovery Cove? What Do you Get From Discovery Cove?

Visitor benefits from participation in marine wildlife tourism experiences include enhanced psychological, educational and conservation or environmental outcomes. Psychological benefits of tourist encounters with marine wildlife that they have not seen or touch before and uniqueness promoting the peace of mind. Marine wildlife in Discovery Cove results in psychological and sociopsychological outcomes such as learning about wildlife, relaxation in marine areas and personal growth. There are five main types of outcomes or benefits for visitors interacting with marine wildlife: physiological, economic, environmental, social and psychological. Social values influence the type of benefits sought from marine wildlife interactions, such as the trend towards non-consumptive viewing of cetaceans rather than killing whales evaluated how Americans perceive marine mammals and key management issues. Psychological benefits are also related to individual needs or motivations, while visitor satisfaction relates to personal benefits received from the marine wildlife encounter. Visitors are intrinsically motivated to seek these personal rewards or benefits through interactions with marine wildlife, while also escaping from their normal routines and daily life.
Free Your Mind With Dolphins

discovery cove the grand reef underwater tour

discovery cove the grand reef underwater tour

Tourist benefits from swimming in the wild life and it is the major thing that visitors personally gain from wildlife experiences. Tourists derive individual psychological benefits from interacting with the wild animal underwater as well as people. These benefits include the extreme relaxation and to see things that they have not seen before, the different feeling swimming with people and swimming with wildlife. Also, there are educational experiences which is important for visitors at Discovery Cove, at the Mon Repos turtle rookery, on swim with dolphin tours and whale watching. The educational benefits of marine wildlife tours include visitor learning, knowledge and information presented about marine species and marine or coastal environments. These interpretation or education programmes in marine areas involve talks by tour guides, interpreters and rangers onboard boats or at shorelines, along with visitor centres, displays, signs and brochures. This information covers the biology, ecology and behaviours of marine species, best practice guidelines and threats to marine life. This section reviews the education/learning (knowledge), attitude/belief changes and behaviour/lifestyle changes deriving from visitor exposure to marine life education. Quality educational experiences are also important for visitors to increase their short-term knowledge of marine species. Marine wildlife tours with a strong educational focus changed the pro-environmental attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of visitors. On whale and dolphin tours, tourists changed their attitudes to conservation, displaying a greater knowledge of cetaceans and awareness of threats to marine life. Other changes in the personal behaviour of visitors on a guided tour of turtle nesting beaches included better overall adherence to minimal impact guidelines at the discovery cove experiences.