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Looking for the cheapest Disney World Magic Your Way Base Theme Park Tickets, Special Events, Annual Passes and deals for water park entrance in Orlando? There are many ways to purchase discount ticket with lower prices for Disney World and what it seems to be is to purchase them through Disneyworld.disney.go.com, however, there are many other websites that sell the Disney World ticket. BestofOrlando.com is one of the website that focus on distributing every theme parks and attractions in Orlando Florida, the company has made it simple by offering all types of ticket for the visitors visiting Disney World in Orlando.  There are many different ticket and passes options that are on promotions that you can actually purchase 8% up to 15% cheaper than buying directly from official site . The base ticket is for those who wants just one day access, the park hopper tickets are for jumping from park to park (there are 4 theme park in Disney World), the water park fun ticket is only for enjoying the water park, the magic your way no expiration date ticket is for visitors who are not sure about the timing and when to go and there are no expiry on the card (but a little more expensive), the florida resident ticket. Now you know that there are 6 different types of Disney World Tickets to choose from with extra promotion and discount + free day promotion. See below all the deals that you can get

list of disney world tickets and passes

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  • Buy Based Ticket of 4 days and instantly get 1 free day
  • Buy Park Hopper Ticket with access to 4 parks – Buy 4 days ticket and get one free day
  • Planning for long stay? Get 7 Day Park Hopper Tickets for $352 (normal price $418.55) Save 15%

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Got 1 Free Day!
Sep 01, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: No Need.. 

Purchased 4 day base ticket (no hopper, no water park), got free day along with the order. The ticket price is absolutely cheaper than official site..Thanks!

Cheaper It is!
Aug 12, 2013 by Anonymous

Chose the 4 day + park hopper, I saved 8% (truly cheaper than Disney World official site)

Good Choice
Aug 01, 2013 by Anonymous

some ticket options are not available in this deal, but it is true with 15% cheaper (on the park hopper 7 days)

Stepcoupons.com California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 4.7 5.0 3 3 Purchased 4 day base ticket (no hopper, no water park), got free day along with the order. The ticket price is absolutely cheaper than official site..Thanks!
disney world magic kingdom park

disney world magic kingdom park

Types of Tickets & Pass

  • Magic Your Way Base Ticket – Single Day and Multi Day Tickets – the single day ticket is the simplest ticket allowing the visitors to visit one park for the day but the visitors have the option to choose to visit Magic Kingdom Park only or a little cheaper to EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. For Multi Day Ticket, visitors can choose between 2 to 10 day tickets that they can visit one park for one day. If you’re buying directly from Disney World website, we recommend 4 days ticket to visit each park a day but if you’re buying from Bestoforlando.com, we recommend to take advantage of the 4 day + 1 day promotion base ticket which cost only $254-$273 while Disney.go.com offer at $297.14 with only 4 days!
  • Annual Pass – enjoy one year of unlimited, same day access with the price starting from $609. However, there is another option for Premium Annual Pass same thing as the normal annual pass but this includes access to all 4 theme park, 2 water parks, Disney’s Oak Trail golf course (all unlimited) with the price of $729
  • Water Park Ticket – Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are the most attractive water park. Visitors can purchase the water park ticket for $53 per person at the official site, but at BestofOrlando.com, there are options to purchase both based ticket + water park from 3 days to 10 days.
  • Park Hopper Option – Visitors need to purchase based ticket altogether with upgraded park hopper option and this allows them to jump from park to park easier. Again, buying at BestofOrlando.com is much cheaper it starts at $328 but this options is currently priced at the official site at $359.97 which is 8% differences!
  • Park Hopper + Water Park Fun + Base Ticket – Buy all 3 and get huge savings recommended to purchase at best of Orlando.
  • Water Park Fun + Base Ticket – Recommended to purchase 3-4 days together with based tickets.
disney world magic kingdom map

disney world magic kingdom map

Disney in United States

Blizzard Beach Disney World

Many people might not be getting used to with Walt Disney World or they call it Disney Theme Park, thus, we would like to list all the available Disney theme parks that locate around the world. It is not just the park, but it has been transformed itself into what’s called “Resort”
, so that Walt Disney World in Orlando, for example, is not a theme park as such but a resort that contains theme parks, as well as many other Disney venues: three water parks, a nightclub area (Pleasure Island), many hotels, restaurants and shops other than those in the parks, and so on. Consequently, the listing that follows is organized by resort so that you can have a better view of what they’re doing and which one located in which countries. Now, even though Disney Theme Park has its brand name as “Disney” in every locations, but each location, they have been called differently.

Back in 1969, before Disney World opened, a mere 3.5 million tourists visited central Florida. But that soon changed. In 1971, the Magic Kingdom’s first year, the tourist count zoomed to 10 million. By the unveiling of Epcot in 1982, Orlando had become the most popular tourist destination in the world. With the launching of Disney– MGM Studios in 1989, the annual visitor count reached 30 million, and when Disney’s fourth theme park, Animal Kingdom, opened in 1998, company officials predicted 55 million visitors annually by 2001. 6 Like bees to honey, a swarm of other attractions followed Disney to Orlando, as shown in Table 1. Amusement Business magazine finds six of North America’s eight largest theme parks in greater Orlando, and Fodor’s Guide counts more than 80 fun zones in the area. 7 Seldom has the location decision of a single corporation so transformed a city (info from married to the mouse books)

Disney Park in USA

True, the Disney Co. never built the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow that Walt described on screen. What they did build— Walt Disney World— is like a city, though. It has many urbanlike qualities, at least— a workforce of 55,000 as of this writing; a nightly residential population exceeding 100,000 ensconced in twenty-five on-site hotels; shopping, dining, and nighttime entertainment facilities; its own “public” officials; an overall land-use plan; and, of course, unparalleled amusements and attractions. And more to the point, Walt Disney World incorporates the free-enterprise vision that Walt had for Epcot.

magic kingdom park over view

Disney has been so successful in promoting a new type of resort in Orlando, Florida (known as Disney World) that Disneyland and particularly Disney World have become not just product leaders but yardsticks against which an ever wider range of facilities dealing directly with the people in the city are measured, whether by the group of people who have built this and the public. Disney world amusement park, water park, and its theme park are not the only thing in the park but it ranges from shopping malls to a new generation of world fairs and convention centers via galleries and museums. Every mall, not just every amusement park developer, has to recognize that Disney has set the standards for large integrated site developments. Disney World is very important which play a major role in the society and that’s because it confirms and consolidates the significance of cultural power – the power to impose a vision – for social control.