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Product: DRAGON DICTATE 3 Mac, Family Tree
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Promotion: Christmas 2012, New Year 2013
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Would you be interested if you say that there’s just a type of presents to give of which a unique gift idea and not many people have thought about this choice? What if we can find that gift item for a very reasonable price which is not too expensive and not too cheap to get them as gift? Lastly, what if that gift idea, once given, the person can use it for the rest of 2013 that can increase the person productivity, work less but produce more results, and that person can be very happy throughout the year? Not to be too excited, but we would recommend Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac which is one of the best software for a person to command and order the computer to do what they want them to do, type the email on the message they want the software to type for them, and even write something up in the excel or Microsoft Word to finish the essay and writing job with much faster way to get the work done.

Many of you have known Dragon Dictate since the very first version and there are also many of you who have not upgraded to the 3 version, but this is not the message from Nuance.com that we want to give today. The actual message is that Naunce.com is giving the last chance for everyone who wants to buy Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac to take advantage of the low price and bundle promotion now. Because Nuance would want to help make everyone 2012 holiday season the best it can be, and how better to do that than with a fantastic money-saving offer on the world’s best speech recognition solution for the Mac. For a limited time you can get our all-new Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 speech recognition software, bundled with Family Tree Maker (discover your family history with this popular genealogy software), and a high quality headset for only $99.99 (a combined software bundle price of $269.94. You save $170). All of these promotions don’t require a person to run around like chicken and seek for Dragon coupon code to use because the discount will be automatically applied in the shopping cart and you can get instant saving right away.  In addition to this, we have presented 2 deals from Nuance.com regarding the ending of 2012 such as $50 off Dragon Dictate, and even Nuance Coupon Code 20% for Christmas.

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Dragon Tips

With Dragon Dictate 3’s ability to correct individual words, improving accuracy is even easier. In the course of your dictation, if Dragon Dictate doesn’t recognize a word correctly, simply use the “Correct” voice command to let Dragon Dictate know something is not right. Dragon Dictate will present a numbered list of alternatives. You can then say “Choose” to select one of the alternatives in the list. If none of the alternatives match what you said, use the voice command “Say that” to begin editing the first item in the list. Speak the correct word and then say “Choose 1” to insert the correct word in to your dictation. Use the “Go Back” command to return the cursor to the position it was in before you started the correction process.

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