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They’re Working, So You Don’t

Well, noobody’s perfect, but that doesn’t mean the company will ever stop trying to be. Of course, Dudamobile has its internal engineering and product team and they have just rolled out a huge round of updates and bug fixes to the DudaMobile platform, focused on creating a better experience for both website owners and also for the visitors to the site. They dedicated the last development period solely to improving the product and giving the subscribers a better experience. Just in the past weeks, Duda Mobile has made major upgrade and bug fixes throughout their entire platform and so everything starts to get much better and here are summary of what Dudamobile.com has done to serve everyone better. Besides, don’t forget about Dudamobile coupon code for the annual plan on the premium package of which the customers will get everything premium and save huge and we believe that this plan is ideally for business. In addition to this, Dudamobile Hire a Pro plan seems to be very interesting to check out too.

  • They resolved more than 20 bug fixes, that make your experience in the editor easier and your mobile site load faster
  • They fixed 15 top reported bugs that have been driving you crazy
  • They made some improvements that they know you’ll love, such as making it simpler to create buttons and manage your navigation.
  • Recently, Dudamobile.com had launched the campaign, hire a pro to customize build the mobile site for each website that has very specific need. By this, the website owners can have their chance to make the mobile site more different and have unique functionality on the very cheap service price from Dudamobile.

Find New Customers with Duda Mobile

It is at the matter of fact, the question for every store owners and website owners on how do you find new customers to come visit your website and buy products and service or even talk about your store in the social network. This can be a million dollar question. At Dudamobile.com, the company knows that it is not just to hand a person the fishing gear and tell them to go fishing in the middle of nowhere, but Dudamobile.com will be your full-service mobile marketing agency. They build a unique online campaign to fit your needs, and take care of everything from writing your ads to optimizing your budget. That way, you can concentrate on the customers you have, and let them focus on bringing you new customers.

dudamobile case study

Case Study: A Veterinarian Finds a new way to engage with customers. Windmill Animal Hospital, in Texas, leverages premium features to dominate their market.

  • Able to better prioritize customers inquiries with Click-to-Text using Dudamobile app
  • Average of 50 calls per month from their mobile website with the click to call
  • Surpassed their 6-year business plan in 3 months by using social network enabled feature in Dudamobile.com extra feature.

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