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Have you ever imagined yourself as a celebrity? How about seeking out your 15 minutes of fame in China? Or maybe the Land of Smiles is more your style, whatever you’re after you’ll find all this and more in this email!

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15 Minutes of TEFL Fame!

TEFLers Jarrine (that’s a combination of James and Corinne!) are Teaching in China and have just had their 15 minutes of fame:

“Arriving at the school, we were greeted by a horde of thrilled students shoving giant bouquets of flowers at us. As we walked to the party, we were overwhelmed by the rows of screaming, cheering, waving students, many of whom were taking pictures of us”

Did you know that there are millions of people in China that require English teacher to teach them to be literate and fluent in English?  Well, precisely some of you do and some of you don’t, then, it is a good idea for a person to go ahead and teach English job in the country? We don’t think so, because finding the English Job aboard is not that easy since you will be dealing with the people that you don’t even know with different language and it could be miscommunications when doing direct contact.  Even though how tempting is the wages in China for teaching English Job, but most people turn the offer down because they might feel like wasting their time on finding for these jobs in the country since it is too hard to go for.  Today, onlinetefl.com, Teach-English-Job.com, the websites under i-to-i has introduced the new way of finding English Jobs abroad including China making it easier for the applicants to enter the English Jobs market in China from more than 50 provinces of their choice.  It feels just like the job finder websites but on the other hands, OnlineTEFL.com offers the applicant with 100% legit jobs that they can’t never find them elsewhere with the opportunity to see the wages rate and the school that is interesting and tempting to go for.  However, the first task for the applicant to get this job is to take the TEFL Course at Teach-English-Jobs.com to pay for the course that they want to attend and get certified just like getting driver license to be there in the country with self-confidence to teach the Chinese students how to write, speak, read, and use Grammar correctly!

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