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If you’re looking for Discount Code for Elsevier Store at Store.Elsevier.com, you have come to the right place because today, students, teachers, professors, and researchers can now save huge by using the coupon code or discount code at online Elsevier store and get huge discount from 25% up to 30% off. Because most of the times, students or researchers are very rush and hurry in need of the e-journals and ebooks that they want to use in their project. The librarians can’t accommodate or to provide everything for each individual person and so they need to purchase these content individually or by themselves. Thus, Store.Elsevier.com is one of the their best chance to get their favorite Elsevier titles for both journal and books by handling the expenses up front by using credit card at the website. However, looking at each title, the price is sometimes too high for students or for the limited budget project. That’s why everyone is looking for Elsevier discount code to help to reduce the price by activating the code in the shopping cart per image shown below

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There are 2 main types of discount codes for Store.Elsevier.com that we have tested working at the present. The first one is the discount code, just like what it works, the discount code for Elsevier is being used to apply in shopping cart to activate more discount for the ebooks, ejournals, printed books, printed journals, and more in the website. Sometimes, the code is restricted on certain subjects only. Another one is the free shipping coupon code allowing the customers to receive the content especially the printed books and journals without having to pay for the delivery fees. In order to see all codes, reveal them all.



Why Elsevier?

In the college and big Universities in this world, there’s no place that won’t know the name “Elsevier”. It is absolutely true when someone say that when a person walks in to any University’s library and that person will find at least 10+ books or journals published or co-published by Elsevier. Because Elsevier is the world-wide and international publisher that has its branches and offices around the world and the contents that Elsevier has published have covered 99% of the subjects in this world. Elsevier is very popular and got themselves started in the science and medicine subjects and there’s no medical student and scientific subject students who have never used Elsevier books and journals.

What Are Elsevier Products?

Talking about Elsevier journals and books, there are 3 types of journals, and 2 types of books that have been available for the students, teachers, and researchers and they are:

  • Printed Journals – This journal type is the traditional type and it has been very popular in the past. The librarian will ask the researcher or the students and professors on what journal title they want to use and then submit the journal order to Elsevier office. Elsevier will publish and send those journals in different titles in weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly to the librarian or the institutions depended on the number of issues per year
  • Electronic Journals – The electronic journals are so called “E-Journal”. E-journal from Elsevier is the another version of the same journal but it has a lot of advantages over the printed version. The first one is the current titles, when the author of the title has finished the journal issue, it has been peer-reviewed, and it will be transformed to the electronic format of which can be delivered in form of e journal right away. This s called “Current Title” for the users because the users can get the fresh content from the journals without having to wait for the print. Another benefit is that, it is the Non-Embargoes for each journal title. Comparing to the traditional method, students and professors need to wait for the journal to arrive them and usually it takes about 3-6 months and sometimes a year. Once the journal title arrives, then, the content is said to be “Embargoed” because it is not a current title and it is instantly delivered in the website Store.Elsevier.com or Elsevier Store.
  • Journal Database – Students and teachers might have heard about MDconsult, Firstconsult, ScienceDirect.com, and more. These are the e-journals and e-books databases owned by Elsevier. The way the users can use is not to purchase individually but the users need to request the subscription through the library where the librarians will have the decisions to subscribe to the certain database. The subscription will be in the formed of yearly and annual year basis. The users will be able to use almost all of the e-journals and ebooks or whatever available in the package that the institution subscribes to.
  • Reference Books & Textbooks – Of course Elsevier publishes books as well, and this has been ongoing since from the past just like other publishers such as Springer. There are 2 types of books that Elsevier produces and they are reference books of which would be used in research and finding only. Another one is textbook to be used in classrooms. However, the proportion of Reference books and textbooks are very far apart , Elsevier focuses on reference books rather than textbooks nowadays.
  • Elsevier Ebooks – Elsevier ebooks are very popular nowadays because firstly the users, students, and researchers can purchase individually through the Store.Elsevier.com. Another way is to ask librarians to subscribe the ebooks database through the library of the affiliated institutions. However, the ebooks from elseiver would be available mainly for science and medicine and up until present, Elsevier has been taken over other publishing house and gather all of the books to one database and so it could be said that the publisher is having one of the largest ebook collections in the world.

About Elsevier.com

Elsevier is a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services. The company works in partnership with the global science and health communities to publish more than 2,000 journals and over 20,000 book titles, including major reference works. Elsevier’s numerous online solutions enhance the productivity of science and health professionals, enabling research and health care institutions to deliver better outcomes more cost-effectively. Elsevier is part of the Reed Elsevier Group PLC, a world-leading publisher and information provider

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