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Color assistant

Not only the assistive technology that enablemart is willing to offer to the consumers, in low vision product category from enablemart.com there’s a produc section that customers can find them helpful as well. The color assistant product is another type of assistive technology that is helping the consumer. Normally, when we talk about color assistant and who would be using the asistive technology. This should be the person that is color blind. Sometimes human eyes are playing trick to its owner by tell the red to be orange, telling blue to light blue and this is up to the reflective retina from the human eyes. These group of people who have color blind is being categorized as low vision issue people. They need to know what the real color of the object is. By this Enablemart.com is offering color assistance product for the customers to try to practice by introducing a very simple technology device and tools to be able to use easier among the color blind customers. The customers can save more on purchasing these color assistance device and products by using enablemart coupon code. By entering the coupon code in the shopping cart the customers can save on around 5% to 10% off the list price of the products at enablemart.com. The coupon codes that are being offered to the custoemrs are exclusive and can be redeemed online with Color assistance product and other product category. There are 2 types of color assistive technology product and device for the customers to use.  In order to use enablemart coupon to purchase color assistant product effectively.  The customers can go see steps in using enablemart coupon.

Color Assistance product.

Color Teller–This is a small size and portable. It’s working just like a talking dictionary but in turn, it helps to spell out the right color of the object. It helps the users to match color even with the clothes that they’re going wear each day. The device has its other usage such as telling what flowers color it is and more.

Colorino–This works just like the the color telling lessons for the low vision people. The device stores over 150 color that will be announcing the color in clear voice

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