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If you could recall, e-Smart tax has been one of the best tax filing services from all internet tax filing software resources that guarantee the biggest refund and accuracy. That’s why many people are looking for the tax filling package from today based on their available packages. The basic pack is the pack that will help everyone to go through step by step guidance and it is free. However, there are another 2 that the tax filer would have to pay for which are Deluxe and Premium Package. That’s the main reason to come visit because everyone is looking for coupon code. There are numbers of eSmart Tax Coupon Code as discount codes and have collected them all here in our website waiting for the readers to come and use.

The coupon code for e-Smart Tax can be used for 2 packages which are Deluxe and premium, the deluxe price has always been the same which is $9.95 and the premium price is for business owners or freelancers and everyone else except students. The coupon code for E-Smart Tax has been in the online for many months and there are only 2 of them that are very interesting. This is because the coupon code can activate discount maximum half off from the package price. There have not been reports of other types of coupon codes and discount codes from, and in order to get these codes, reveal them all below.



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Freefile Tips in IRS.GOV

If you’re looking for the ways or the tips to file your tax online, you can go ahead for IRS.Gov which is the website for American Citizen. The IRS website is the original place where you can do your federal taxes online for free. (Source IRS.ORG)

$57,000 OR LESS
For example, if you are making about $57,000 USD or less during the last year (of which most of the people did), you can use the free brand-name tax software from IRS commercial partners by looking at the number 2 section at “Choose a Free File Open” on this URL: The number 2 heading that we’re talking about is the first link on the section number 2 of which will help to find a software company that best fits your need. The second link will take you to the free file companies that you can browse.

More Than $57,000
Now, if you are such as wealthy person that has made more than $57,000 per year, it is not that IRS wouldn’t help you to find the free file company. This means that you can still prepare and file them for free. On the section number 2, once again, just use the link under the “Use Free File Filable Forms”, they would even check your math for you when you enter the figure. Give the Freefile a try because it is the most reliable source since it is coming from IRS.Gov, it is fast, it is so safe, and it is free. The freefile software provider it the support from the federal itself and it should be use immediately.

In the meantime, we understand that if you don’t want to choose to file your tax information at or at, then, we suspect that you have somewhere else to go for, however, we have other recommendations for you on “how to file taxes for free” as the bonus tips for all of the readers

Extra Tips: Filing Taxes for free

There are many free tax prep or tax preparation software and program available in the store and even from online where everyone can download and use without extra charges. We are quite sure that you might have heard about Turbo Tax. However, keep in mind the whole time that there are no completely free lunch in this world because many free software will still charge you a small fee, so be prepared.

Then, where can we actually use the free software or to get something to assist us to go about tax filing for absolutely free? We can actually go to IRS own website that we have recommended above. Now, most software has its calculation errors or putting things in the wrong line but don’t be too panic and don’t be afraid to ask for free copy of customer service or look up in the FAQ to ask the question to make sure things run smoothly with the least mistakes in the filing procedure. The filing of the tax each year, the person who’s going to be liable for the filing is yourself and not the software, that’s why if you have any question rises, you need to ask right away.

About e-Smart Tax

eSmart Tax is Liberty Tax Service’s online tax preparation service that offers a convenient, easy-to-use, browser-based tax ¬filing system. eSmart Tax provides an exceptional online tax preparation solution at an affordable value. A fan favorite among readers, eSmart Tax was voted Best Tax Preparation Software in 2011. With the powerhouse team of eSmart Tax’s online tax preparation service and Liberty Tax Service’s offices, ultimate customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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