eTextBook Stores: Will This Trend Push Forward?

What is eTextbook?

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Ten years ago, we have heard only about the trend of borrowing or renting textbooks from the famous store such as, and which were considered the trend leader in offering students a lower cost way to go on with their studies without having to buy brand new textbook which is quite expensive for their ages. A few years later, we also heard about eBooks and journals for scholarly, peer-reviewed and ordinary ebook that students use in class and also use them as reference in doing their project or reports. Today, we also hear about the new vocabulary, the eTextbook that will change the world on how the students should learn their lessons using the electronic textbook.
Of course, the word “e” is from electronic plus the word textbook that will become electronic textbook of which is just another different form of textbook that students use nowadays. Because, today we have all those handheld devices such as tablet and Smartphone of which the students are also having them too. The utilization of using etextbook with the device is that the student can easily download them into their devices at the matter of seconds. Having 5 subjects to learn each day, students can just bring only the tablet computer to the class and open the etextbook on any echapter that they wish for. Thus, eTextbook is just another concept of transforming the printed heavy textbook to school.

etextbooks makes it possible

When Was the Trend Started?

According to google trends, eTextbook trends has started around the mid-2007 which is probably the same time when the ebooks had started. This means that once the use of ebooks had started, people also started to apply the ebook technology with etextbook right away. However, at that time, starting from 2007, the trend of software and information development was much higher than the hardware or this can simply say that eTextbooks were available for some publishers, but it was not so popular because there are no tablets or handheld devices to support the reading. Etextbooks at that time can only be read from the desktop computer or from laptop only. Nowadays, etextbook trends started to grow very strong among the users because there are various hardware to choose to use to read the eTextbook both in-classroom and outside reading.

Who’s Leading the trend?

According to and other information from various sources, it seems to us that the trend had started with in the late 2010, Barnes & Noble announced NOOKstudy eTextbook college program from their website which introduced both etextbooks and etextbook readersaat the same time. Later on,, one of the largest physical textbook rental service, had also release its very first eTextbook and the eTextbook reader software in the website for students to purchase the etextbook and get the e-Reader for free. We can see that, right after Chegg had started the eTextbook program, there’s no one else that has distinctive and precise ability and technology to support and to drive up the eTextbook market until today.

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List of Available eTextbook Providers

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