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It is the one pass that can take one person to travel all over Europe and it is only one single price. Eurail pass or “EU Rail Pass” is originally from and it can also be found in another official distributor website It is the pass product that can take the holder to travel with train and rail in different countries in Europe. In some cases, Eurail pass can be used to travel by boat of which is specified in the pass itself. Euru rail pass can be purchased by Non-European citizen only such as American, Middle Eastern, and Asian. It is the great rail pass that is owned and operated by Eurail Group which is the gathering as an organization of the rail operators in European Region with more than 30 members.

Eurail pass for Smart Traveler

There are 4 types of Eurail passes, and the first one is the Eurail Global pass of which can be used as the train ticket for more than 20 countries except England, Wales, and Scotland that are not in Eurail member list. For those who want to travel from and to England, they are going to need another train ticket type which is the Britrail Pass. Another type is the Eurail Select Pass that can be used to travel by train in 3 – 5 consecutive countries on the condition that the countries that a person is traveling to must be the country that has the border next to each other. The example of this is, a person wants to travel from France to Switzerland, and he/she can continue to Austria which is the final destination. This is exactly the way to use Eurail select pass. The selectable pass is customizable by date and the number of countries in the pass. This means that, a person can travel to certain countries as stated regardless the number of times in one day or the number of days stated on the pass. Another Eurail pass that is similar to the select pass is the Regional Pass of which is being used when a person wants to only travel from one country to another and it is limited to the country that share the border together. This means that the regional pass can only be used for 2 countries to travel. The smallest Eurail pass, and it is the cheapest pass for every holder is the national pass. It is the last type of Eurail pass that can only take a person to travel within the country of visit. The national pass is the least popular type of Eurail pass because firstly, many people are traveling to Europe with intention to be in many other nearby countries and only just one, secondly, when a person stay in that selected country, they would normally purchase that country rail pass such as Britrail pass or Swiss Rail Pass.

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Each Eurail Pass is separated into many pricing tiers such as the youth rail pass from 12 years old up to 25 years old or the group travel pass from 2 people and above. This type of rail pass is so called Saver Pass because the price is dropped from the normal pass face value. Another popular type of pass is called consecutive pass for those who have unconfirmed schedule that they can travel on the random date. This Consecutive pass is also called Flexi pass.

Ways to Purchase Eurail Pass

Now, it is the time to find the best Eurail Pass, and where to get them all. Eurail has opened a website straight to its name at for customers to purchase through the internet using credit card and there are also many website agencies such as However, in order to get the pass, customers can’t just print out the ticket at home but the ticket must be delivered to the customer’s door. This means that, besides the price of the passes themselves, customers need to handle the shipping cost. Now, this is the important point when considering purchasing Eurail Pass, the customers need to plan in advance on their trip to Europe and it needs to be precise trip. Then, purchase the E-ticket prior to the travel date for months ahead. This is to prevent the ticket to arrive late and so it might affect the whole trip because the Eurail pass might arrive the traveler’s place later than expected.

Rail Europe Coupon for Eurail

RailEurope is also offering Rail Europe promotion code to let the customer save more reserving rail ticket or train ticket online. Visitors call this type of code as promotion code even though it appears as ” Coupon Code ” on the delivery page. During the last 2 years, had not issued that many coupon and promotion code because of the already low price and other interesting promotion being offered. The nature of the coupon codes that offers are all for discount in USD or CAD, and other currencies. The discount promotion codes are range from 20 EURO to 40 EURO on the specific route and on the selected passes only. Usually the discount is for Eurail and Swiss Pass, and EuroStar, however, there have been reports that the coupon code can now be used to apply for all products on the certain amount of order. To See all coupon code from use reveal coupon code above.

enter code for Eurail pass

About Rail Europe

For more than 15 years, Rail Europe has been known all along: the best way to travel in Europe is by train. Rail Europe has grown from only offering Eurail to other type of tickets such as TGV, Eurostar, Thalys, ATOC, Renfe and TGV Lyria. Rail Europe is also offering Eurail passes, Point to point tickets and high speed trains like TGV and Eurostar! With well known high ticket items. Up until today, Rail Europe is having 2 major websites to support everyone in the world in order to purchase train ticket. The first website is for USD and Euro currency and Raileurope.XXX for customers in specific countries and regions. The prices of rail tickets are available in more than 20 currencies around the world making it easier and possible for everyone to book it online before even travel to Europe.

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