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If you’re looking for cheap eurail pass and discount promotion with rail Europe promotion code, then, the best place to look at is the Rail Europe Company, even though, recently, there is a new pricing for Rail Europe 2014, but we are here to help everyone to save to get the best price traveling at Europe by train. Eurail pass and tickets are the most seek for travel products when people want to travel in the European countries and this include the discount and promotional code to use along with it. The discount and deal plus promo code for Eurail pass will usually come along with other deal in traveling by train in European Countries, and this include Britrail Pass, Swiss Pass, Eurostar, Trenitalia, TGV, Thalys train, UK trains, Italo, with other exclusive discount. The exclusive discount in this case applies to friends and family fares when book together, senior fare rates for senior, youth fares, and so on.

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Save € 20
Dec 11, 2013 by Anonymous

Could only save €20 from my journey in UK, I guess I had to purchase more to get up to € 40

Saved € 40 on my trip!
Dec 10, 2013 by Anonymous

The best promotion code ever! Used it together with the 20% off deal above! Thanks! California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 Could only save €20 from my journey in UK, I guess I had to purchase more to get up to € 40

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Rail transport overseas (especially in Europe) is more highly developed and relied upon than it is in the U.S. Fewer people overseas have access to automobiles and gasoline prices are significantly higher; as such, governments have made great efforts to develop this efficient form of public inter-city transportation. For short distances, air travel often proves more trouble than it is worth––a false economy in time and expenditure.

If the distances are not great, it may even take more time to get to an airport, wait, fly, and get from the airport to the destination than it does to take the train the whole distance. Furthermore, taking the train from city to city will give you time to relax and absorb what you have learned from your trip. Travel by train offers the opportunity to see the countryside and is an infinitely better environment for meeting people than traveling by air. Some rail networks have unlimited 15-30-60-180 day use passes (e.g. Eurail Pass), which can prove helpful if you plan a heavy schedule of travel in a short period of time. While they were actually designed for the student and tourist, business people can make use of them as well. Tip : Be sure to research local train travel rules for each country. In Spain, for example, you must present a boarding card to enter the train, even if you have a Eurail pass. Consult your travel agent for information and advice.  One of the best forms of student transportation, particularly when travelling abroad, is the train. Many trains in Western Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and elsewhere are on time and travel fast. Here are your best bets for keeping train costs as low as possible: Look into youth rail passes. They often go by age and can mean big savings. Decide on the countries you’re travelling to and find out if a rail pass is valid there. If half the countries you’re visiting don’t accept the pass, it may not be worth purchasing a full one. For fares and schedules visit or phone 1-800-4-EURAIL. Rail fares are calculated based on the distance you travel and the class and rail service you choose. For a second-class ticket from Frankfurt to Stuttgart on an ICE train, expect to pay around EUR 45 (EUR 67 for first-class) and from Düsseldorf to Hamburg around EUR 64 (EUR 94 for first-class). Though the railway services of former East and West Germanies have now merged, eastern fares remain cheaper than western fares. Tickets offering unlimited travel on all public transport (bus, train, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, and ferries) are available for daily or weekly travel in major cities. GermanRail and Eurail passes— which must be purchased in the United States prior to your departure— can also provide significant savings.

The quickest way to Italy is by Eurostar or Rail Europe, through the Channel Tunnel to Paris or Brussels, and from there to Italy. There are also daily services run by Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) (Italian State Railways) which carry cars, particularly during the summer season. Routes include Milan-Genoa-Naples-Villa San Giovanni; Bologna-Naples-Villa San Giovanni. These services are available from special stations and tickets can be booked at the departure station. Owners are required to travel on the same train. In 2002, France and Italy began construction work on a 52km tunnel and high-speed rail link under the Alps. The line will run from Lyon and Turin and will carry passengers and freight and will halve the journey time between the two cities. It is expected to be completed by 2012. Transportation networks in Europe are highly developed and efficient; buses, trains, and planes connect all major cities. Taking a taxi is the most convenient mode of travel within a city but also the most expensive. In larger cities, you can save money by taking the subway. For most long-distance travel within Germany, travel by rail is recommended; it is usually faster than driving, cheaper than flying, and more comfortable than going by bus. Airport to Hotel Germany’s major airports are connected to downtown city centers and train stations by a variety of transportation networks. Large cities usually have direct connections by metro or train in addition to the standard bus, taxi, and rental car services found everywhere. Though taxis prove more convenient for those traveling with heavy luggage, airport trains and metros are fast and relatively inexpensive. Many airports also offer “rail and fly” passes that provide discount travel by rail for passengers arriving from international flights. Most airport trains, are located in the main airport terminal, run every 15 minutes.