Extend Your Appliances Life During Summer Time

Preventative Techniques Reducing Household Expenses

save on household expenses

Preventative techniques to save household expenses

If we’re going to talk about the thing that makes us lose money the most in the house during the hot weather season like summer, and it can be nothing else but the utility expenses, repairing cost, and the cost of purchasing new electronic appliances and other home appliances. Many household has lost thousands and even ten of thousands every year for the increasing of the electricity bill, water bill, and frequency of fixing those appliances. The problem in summer time is, most of the home owner won’t be able to have enough time to maintain and to pay attention to those appliances as well as they don’t know the way to prevent them from breakdown. That’s why today, we have services like the Home Appliance and Home System Preventative Maintenance in order to extend the life of the appliances such as the heating and air system, plumbing system, electrical, and as well as appliances like the one in AHS.com as the Shield for American’s Home in order to spend less each month on these expensive expenditure. That’s why today, we have the tips and tricks to help Americans to save on their household cost and especially on the maintenance side.

How to Extend Your Appliance Life

pull off plugs

Pulling Plugs Off the wall to save more energy


  • Turn them off every time after use won’t be enough, you need to pull the plug off as well in order to stop the electricity to circle in the unit and so save on the electricity bill and extend the life
  • Place the appliances on any places that has good air flow and away from the wall for about 4-5 inches to let the heat come out better and this will extend the life of any appliances.
  • For Television, don’t adjust the screen too bright since it will degrade the screen projector and uses too much energy.
  • Refrigerator, don’t leave the door open for too long as the compressor will work more and consume more energy. When leaving the door opened, the electricity will be flown in the compressor to substitute the temperature lost during the opening and thus create more temperature at the back which might hurt other appliances nearby.
  • Don’t put too many things in the fridge because the coldness won’t be able to flow easily
  • For Air Conditioning Unit such as heater and air conditioner, when turned on, don’t put objects to block the air blowing direction as it will reduce the performance of the unit
  • Try to clean the air filter in the air conditioner as frequently as possible. The Filter is just like the lung and nose of the Air conditioner, when there’s too much dust on the filter, the A/C won’t be able to breathe easily and so it takes more effort to use more power to breathe the air in and thus shorten the life of the A/C but increase the power bills.
  • Compressor for Air Conditioner should be place with the blowing direction point toward the open space. It shouldn’t be installed on the area where heavy sunlight can reach since when the compressor operates, it bring about enough heat but when there are also heat from sunlight, this will shorten the compressor life.
  • Water Heater is in 2 types, the one from the boiler from the basement and the one directly installed on the wall in the shower room. The water heater should be used for bathing purpose only as the water heater is the electrical unit that consume THE MOST POWER in the household. We can’t do anything to save energy from the heater but we can start to choose the most efficient one and to select the shower spray or the water efficient showerhead to save more water and thus save more power.
  • Electrical Wires are one of the most important thing that we usually forget to look after. Ignore this and it could put everyone lives in the house in danger and also to lose unnecessary expenses on the power bill.
best way to save electricity bill

Be more happy to see lower electricity bill

Don’t Have Time, What To Do?

Well, many Americans are busy out there in their offices with huge loads of works to do. Then, many of them don’t want to be hassle with this matter. That’s why today, there is a service called the Preventative home maintenance like the one from American Home Shield that helps the house owners to look after the home system and appliance from time to time. This service is great and it has been rated very high. For more information, check AHSPM.com or AHS.com for more information. Note that, this service is great for people who want to sell their house as this will increase the house value.

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