Facebook Phone: A Rising Star or Down in Flames?

Let’s Face the FaceBook Phone

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Many have heard the rumor about Facebook phone through the online social network channel that Facebook will be having its own Smartphone sprint versus verizon wirelesscalled “Facebook phone” that will offer Facebook feature as its major advantages and selling point. Now, facebook doesn’t have its own research and development and that’s why we have heard unofficial news that Facebook will co-operate with HTC, the smartphone manufacturer and provider in order to develop this new Facebook Smartphone. Recently, there have been more rumors about FaceBook Smartphone that should have been launched during 2012 but due to HTC production line limitation, the exciting Facebook Smartphone has been postponed to the first quarter of 2013. By this, we do not know about the specification but we also know what could be the trend of the phone, or what it is going to look like. Now, what matters the most is what are the capability or the ability of the new Facebook Smartphone and we can estimate it by following up the Facebook Phone news below.  Another thing is that, we have no news about the directions of Facebook Phone just yet on the matter that which Mobile Phone Carrier will be getting the right to sell Facebook Phone if it really comes out.  However, we believe that, the honor will definitely go to either Sprint or/and Verizon Wireless.

  1. The very first news from Facebook Phone is that the phone will be co-manufacturing with HTC but due to the increase demand of the Smartphone during 2012, HTC had to move their attention to their current Smartphone production line instead of focusing on Facebook Phone and so this is the rumor that was being flown over the internet.
  2. Many people have their beliefs that when there is a smartphone brand being placed in the market, there has to be only one model or two (based on the experience from Windows Phone 8. However, Mark Zuckerberg had come out and announced that there will be many Facebook phone model being sold at a time when they are released. This has been a really great piece of news indeed.
  3. The operating system of Facebook Phone won’t be anything different from an Android operating system phone. There has been some news about this that Facebook Phone will either have its own version of Facebook operating system.
  4. Facebook had denied the news about HTC Facebook Phone recently, however, Pocketnow.com had revealed the official mock up of Facebook Phone by HTC and each model of HTC phone has its facebook button on the phone instead of the application itself.

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Opinions & Reviews

This could be the very first time of this world that is one of the biggest website company would jump into the Smartphone businesses and that’s because the trend of the Smartphone and social networking can’t find its end point. There has been actually various companies who jumped into the business before Facebook.com such as google. There was a time in the past that Google launched its Google phone but the phone was being produced by smartphone manufacturer and not by themselves. There was no success in the Smartphone marketing for google and now facebook would like to try their luck by putting its social network facebook.com application as the spearhead to beat the customer’s heart. Using the social network as the selling point, Facebook Phone could be top of the rock Smartphone due to millions of users worldwide that have their own facebook account. However, if Facebook Phone is to come out just like it happens in the rumor, then Facebook needs to think twice about this.

  • The first point to think about is that, no matter how great the design of the phone, the nicest color that can win customer’s pocket, if the phone is not going to work great. Then, Facebook Phone might have problem. There have been many phone in the past that focused on design and not the usage and those smartphones have now turned into the piece of junk unwanted.
  • Raising Facebook brand on Facebook Phone can be seen in 2 sided. One side is that, if Facebook Phone is going to go boomed, then, facebook brand will be there for the rest of people’s life. But if it is not, then, facebook needs to have its own plan to re-branding or re-imaging its own company and of course its stock holder
  • Creating and/or manipulating customers to move from the big Smartphone manufacturer like iPhone, HTC, Samsung, and others to Facebook Phone, and facebook needs to make the point of shifting from those phone to its smartphone. The problem will be based on the fact that Facebook users can always use Facebook on other smartphone and why buying the Facebook phone?
  • Many Smartphone manufacturers have been feared of giving exclusivity to each phone carrier in each country. Facebook phone will only be a child sitting and waiting for which family they want to live with. This might open the opportunity and weak points for Facebook competitors and as well as the new comers that might copy Facebook model. (we might see Pinterest Phone, Instagram Phone, and more…)

Rumor about Facebook Phone

Whether or not the Facebook Phone will come out in the market soon is still be a big question, but we believe that when it is out, the Facebook marketing team needs to think real hard about the new Phone especially on the marketing tactics and customer’s exclusivities in getting the new phone from Facebook. We still see so many obstacles and pitfalls that facebook will be “facing” in the future and this is just the beginning and we have not yet to mention about the Phone Specifications.

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